Men and Women

Opinion You’re Going To Hate: Women Aren’t Oppressed, They’re Actually The Most Protected Class In Our Society

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t truly is amazing how things have “progressed” in this day and age.

For all of the advancements in science, technology, medicine, and various other things, it seems when it comes to the social foray, things have degenerated quite significantly. There is more hypersensitivity about…well…pretty much everything. For instance, bullying when I was younger was just a part of life, and we were always taught to stand up to bullies. Nowadays “don’t bully people” is plastered everywhere. I don’t know how much headway it is making, but I know that I think it is more effective to try to build someone up as opposed to trying to convince one particular mean-spirited person to discontinue their behavior, especially because there will potentially be another to take that person’s place…and another…and another.

The new methodology is to hide people from reality as oppose to letting them face it.

This brings me to my topic at hand. It has become painfully obvious that the men of society have made it so that women are hidden from many of the realities of the world. Men will often censor/belittle themselves, or avoid topics altogether so as to walk on eggshells around the women they come across. If a woman feels slighted in the most insignificant way, society has people (mostly men) falling over themselves to defend her honor. It’s so distracting that it can often become the new focal point during a discussion, and all other points become invalidated because one particular thing was offensive.


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