23 Shocking Ways We’re Still Oppressing Women In the 21st Century 1


1 . We associate rape with accidents

Source: rawstory.com

Barbara Listing, an anti-abortion leader, argued that Michigan women should be forced to pay extra for health insurance to cover the cost of rape. According to Barbara, no one plans to get into a car accident or to be flooded, but they still pay insurance in case of these events, and therefore women should pay extra just in case a man accidentally roofies her drink and violates her. Oops!

2 . We allow a woman or girl to be forced into marriage every two minutes

Source: wordpress.com

A recent study by Plan UK revealed that every single day, across the world, 38,461 women and girls are being forced into marriages against their will. Many of these lives are exchanged for money or to settle an unrelated debt. This number doesn’t even include the unbelievably young girls that are forced into prostitution on a daily basis.

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