Donald Trump is a textbook example of an ideological moderate

By Doug Ahler and David Broockman

Washington Post 

Donald Trump is one of the most extreme presidential candidates to gain widespread support in contemporary American politics. Despite championing policies like the end of birthright citizenship, mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, and a registry of Muslims living in the United States, Trump has consistently polled atop the Republican field since July. A popular perspective thus attributes Trump’s success to a “right wing fringe” of GOP voters.

But this conventional wisdom misses something important: Trump meets the textbook definition of an ideological moderate.


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  1. “And like most voters — but unlike most party politicians — his positions don’t consistently hew to a familiar left-right philosophy.”
    Most party politicians west of Bulgaria consistently hew to a specific Humanist version of leftism, regardless of their party affiliation. So does Trump.
    Any article that starts out presuming there is an actual ‘right’ in the West anywhere except the fringe is already living in a fantasy land.

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