The Anarchist Post-Capitalist Vision

A talk from anarcho-communist Wayne Price. He’s half-way there.

Add to Price’s statement this statement from a libertarian group:

“Right/Left, small “L” and big “L” libertarians are welcome. Libertarian Socialists. Ancaps, Ancoms, and other anarchist types are welcome, as well. Objectivists, Agorists, Georgists… Constitutional and Conservative libertarians …As a matter of fact, everyone is welcome. If you want to take a seat at the bar and match wits with us, you are more than welcome, here.”

And this statement from Troy Southgate:

“As more people become aware of National-Anarchism, the frequency of questions regarding what we think of issues like race, gender, sexual orientation and economics is increasing. It should be made clear from the very beginning that National-Anarchists do not concern themselves with your race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender.Since nearly everyone within the group has differing or divergent opinions on such issues…”

And you might have the spirit of an actual ecumenical libertarianism.


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  1. What I find interesting about Price is that he’s basically pan-anarchist or anarch-pluralist, but only for Leftists. He never steps outside the leftist paradigm the way we do.

    Even on free speech, he’s generally pretty good:

    He’s generally for free speech for everyone, and not just legally and politically but in a wider institutional and organizational context, except….LOL.

    Unlike many leftists, he also admits that PC authoritarianism has its roots in Marcuse’s “repressive tolerance” idea.

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