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Keith Preston: US-Russia confrontation to drag world nations into war

Press TV. Read here:

The Pentagon says enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria could trigger a direct confrontation between the US and Russia.
The Pentagon says enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria could trigger a direct confrontation between the US and Russia.

A potential confrontation between the United States and Russia would create an “extraordinarily dangerous” situation which drags world nations into a war, says an American political commentator.

Keith Preston, chief editor and director, said if a confrontation happens between the US and Russia, “there is no limit on how far it could spiral.”

“A conflict between the United States and Russia could ultimately involve not only NATO but also Iran, Syria, Iraq…. and it’s even possible that other nations from the BRICS axis could intervene on behalf of Russia,” he told Press TV on Thursday,

On Wednesday, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Paul Selva warned that the enforcement of a no-fly zone in northern Syria would drag the US into a direct confrontation with Russia and Syria.

“It is an extraordinarily dangerous situation, when you have these major powers that are all involved in the conflict with the Daesh (ISIL) on the ground and they all have different objectives,” Preston said.

“If, for example, Russia were to shoot down an American plane or the United States were to shoot down a Russian plane, and that led to a direct confrontation between Russia and the United States, not only would that be an extremely dangerous situation as far as a confrontation between the two powers, but also it would allow for the United States to invoke Article 5 of the NATO treaty and that would potentially trigger a war between NATO and Russia or between other states that were aligned with Russia.”

Since late September 2014, the US and its allies have been carrying out airstrikes purportedly against Daesh positions in Syria.

“What the Americans should be doing is withdrawing from the region, and allowing the Syrian government and its allies and its backers to successfully defeat the Daesh,” Preston said. “That should be the first priority.”

Russia, that has been conducting airstrikes on Daesh positions at the request of the Syrian government since September 30, said the US-coalition has failed to defeat or even contain the terrorists.

Daesh terrorists were initially trained by the CIA in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government.

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  1. Good interview. Although I don’t think that America is only playing the simple dual game that you described with the daesh cretins. I think American leadership wants badly to maintain those inbreds in the Middle East. They serve multiple extremely important roles there. First, they destabilise the area enabling the Americano-Israeli axis to continue to dominate and rule by force and basically justify their militarism and expenditure etc. Israel is particularly happy and feels justified to continue to arm and protect herself. Second, the destabilisation is directly and negatively affecting Europe and the EU construct in particular. Europe is surrounded by Libya, Turkey and Syria (somehow the Egyptians made it out of the crisis ok, am guessing it’s their strong national identity). I truly believe that American deep-state leadership together with the English and the Turks are making strategic chess movements since 2007 with the financial crisis, to undermine the power of Europe. If the American system is to dominate Globally, then Europe needs to be disabled and damaged. Europe is far too advanced economically and culturally, not to mention socially, and given its enormous wealth and far better social cohesion (esp. Back in 2007), would pose a pacifistic and cultural threat to American militarism and imperialism as well as the Anglo-American stupid globalised mono culture.. Now, economies are undermined while Europe is flooded with excessive and highly problematic immigrants. It is beyond belief that this issue has not been noticed!!!!! I really believe that it is a key strategic target of American deep-state to disable Europe to a large extent so that America is always the dominant force and main game player. It is a cultural domination war.. Third, Turkey in the meantime can justify her attempts to rule the area, while dismantling the Kurds goes unnoticed.. Fourth, finally Russia can once again be the convenient enemy that she used to be and keep American and European pueblo at bay waiting for another confrontation while they also have a good reason to justify imposing embargoes and other aggressive measures against them.. I could continue but 🙂

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