Is “Conspiracy Populism” the Way Beyond Left and Right?

Some reflection is needed on what the proper relationship should be between the pan-anarchist movement and the movement(s) commonly labeled as “conspiracy theorists,” “truthers,” and the like. Technically, the “anti-conspiracy” milieu is not a movement as much as it is a collection of ideas pertaining to a wide variety of themes regarding alleged nefarious plots by shadowy, secretive elites. These theories are highly varied and diverse in nature and include concerns related to such topics as the assassination of John F. Kennedy, UFO sightings, the alleged influence of Satanic cults in elite circles, alternative medicine, fluoride, the alleged death of Paul McCartney, Elvis sightings, the alleged murder of Princess Diana, FDR’s alleged foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack, chemtrails, an endless array of supposed “false flags,” AIDS, climate change, peak oil, Zionist bankers, subliminal advertising, the alleged moon landing hoax, Area 51, and, of course, the alleged 9-11 cover up. There are many, many other such theories.

However, by far the most important and relevant “conspiracy theory” involves alleged efforts by global elites to create a one-world oligarchical dictatorship under the guise of a “New World Order.” The resemblance of this theory to the claims of the left-wing anti-globalization movement are striking. The principle difference is that adherents of the New World Order theory insist that secret societies and shadowy cabals are the primary players among the global power elite, while leftists tend to hold to a more Marxist-like analysis involving multinational corporations, international trade organizations, and the world banking system. However, on the ground level these would seem to be purely abstract, theoretical differences. It is clear enough that both sets of analysis are virulently opposed to the global super class of plutocratic elites whose existence is beyond dispute. Among the ideological factions, leftists prefer to criticize transnational capitalism, libertarians and conservative populists express concern about one-world government, and “conspiracists” are more concerned about secret societies. However, these various interests converge on many issues of practical concern, i.e. the ongoing concentration of power on an international level.

It also undoubtedly true that adherents of various “conspiracy theories” transcend a good many conventional boundaries, including “normal” political ideologies, the boundaries of left and right, ordinary economic philosophies, race, religion, nationality, and positions on controversial issues such as abortion or gay rights. Adherents of conspiracy analysis also demonstrate a much greater sense of urgency and a greater radical zeal than many ordinary rightists and leftists alike, and tend to be disproportionately concentrated among the poor and working class as opposed to the affluent and wealthy. Additionally, the establishment seems to genuinely fear conspiracy theorists in a way they do not when it comes to ordinary leftists and rightists.

The pan-anarchist movement is about uniting anarchists, libertarians, decentralists, anti-authoritarians, anti-statists, oppositional subcultures, adherents of alternative economics, and anti-imperialists against the global power elite in favor of a general paradigm of self-determination for all. To be sure, there are important cultural obstacles to the creation of a such an alliance, which is why I have endeavored to introduce anarchists to the thought of intellectuals such as Alain De Benoist and Alexander Dugin, and their advocacy of a genuine cultural pluralism that accepts the legitimacy of a multiplicity of cultures with a wide divergence concerning their core values.

This is a perspective that seems highly relevant and complementary to the principles of anarchist decentralism even if one rejects some of the other ideas of these thinkers. At present, much of the anarchist milieu holds to a standard brand therapeutic leftism with regards to cultural questions, and those who don’t often fall back on a conventional rightist perspective. The incorporation of ideas similar to those of Dugin or Benoist would clearly be an advancement in anarchist theory and thought.

However, the question also remains of how to go about generating propaganda, recruiting, and organizing on the ground level. At present, substantial sectors of the anarchist milieu continue to focus principally on various youth cultures, the far Left, and the sexual minority subcultures. Yet an embrace of the conspiracy milieu would seem to be a way to dramatically increase not only the numbers but the diversity of the anarchist camp. Certain stands within anarchism have already begun such an effort.

On an organizational level, it would appear that the best route for anarchists would be to strive for the creation of international federations similar to the old Anarchist and Communist internationals that existed in the early twentieth century and which are inclusive of the many different kinds of anarchism and overlapping ideologies. The different kinds of anarchists would continue organizing and recruiting among their respective cultural milieus, but towards the wider aim of building populist movements on a nation-by-nation, region-by-region, community-by-community basis for the purpose of attacking the global power elite, and decentralizing political and economic power to the level of the natural community. The incorporation of conspiracy analysis into the anarchist strategic paradigm would seem to be a powerful weapon for the cultivation of “grass roots” populist movements that would in turn be among the most significant constituencies for anarchist-led popular organizations, economic enterprises, front-parties, and civic militias.

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  1. One of the hallmarks of the Conspiracy Theory subcultures is that they seem to exist in a strange sort of timeless void. The New World Order/X-Files style conspiracy theories have been mainstream since the 1990s, but no accounting is ever made of their observable effects on American fringe politics.

    What exactly have the Conspiracy Theorists accomplished?

    Art Bell synthesized a New Age Right subculture out of the pathetic babble of American Conspiracy Theory and the truly pathological aspects of UFO mythology. This audience has more in common with the New Age Left than anything else on the political spectrum. Alex Jones has inherited the flock and taken it in a more angrily politicized direction, but the basic themes have persisted. While the occasional mass murdering psycho takes it all too seriously, for most it is merely another toxic post-modern entertainment product.

    The end result is a shallow identity politics of political bullshit so brain dead that its adherents actually believed in both Y2K and 2012. Like the worst kind of hippies, they will believe in anything for at least five minutes. Some professional crank starts babbling about Mayan calendars (after too much DMT) and they lap it right up. This New Age Right has been successful in spreading and merchandising complete bullshit, usually of the most banal and tedious kind. The amount of UFO bullshit on the internet is now so vast as to be beyond cataloging, but the system appears completely unaffected by it.

    Within the American left we had an allegedly radical politics that oriented itself around Conspiracy Theory in the post 9/11 antiwar movement. Any analysis or discussion of the political uses of Conspiracy Theory should therefore begin with the catastrophic failure and self-inflicted collapse of that movement, and the role that the 9/11 truthers played in this process. Of course this doesn’t happen. Indeed it would seem that (like the “radical” left) the Conspiracy Theorists are utterly incapable of even observing the failure itself, much less learning anything from it.

    National Anarchism was very much a direct product of the New Age Right and was heavily oriented around Southgate’s “International Zionist” Conspiracy Theory. Some of your core cadre are well known players in the Holocaust denier faction of the 9/11 truther movement. You have in fact had a blatant policy of pandering to the worst kinds of Conspiracy Theory bullshit from the very beginning of the Pan-Anarchist project. Instead of analyzing that experience (and hopefully learning something from it) you instead talk about this as a possible future strategy.

    (For example, you might recall what happened to Craig Fitzgerald when he was found out to be a Mason and suddenly all his dude bro conspiracy comrades turned on him. That is the kind of viscous and retarded mentality you can expect from people damaged enough to take conspiracy bullshit seriously. The parallels with the psychotic side of the new left are obvious enough. Have fun with that recipe.)

    Pat Robertson (re-)introduced Conspiracy Theory into the mainstream religious right in 1991 with his book “The New World Order”. Since then the religious right has lost almost every major battle, and the Christian conservative coalition that was once a real political power house now lies in smoking ruins. William Lind introduced his Frankfurt-Jew conspiracy theory to a holocaust denial conference of the paleo-right in 2002. Over a decade later, a Black Muslim communist is president and the Gay Wedding Cakes are coming to take the last white Christians away to the Caitlyn Thought gender reeducation camps. Looks like near total defeat to me.

    One of the reasons that reactionaries have lost so many political and cultural battles is their long tradition of preferring delusional Conspiracy Theories to a real analysis of the enemies that have actually defeated them. In the aftermath of the French revolution they concocted bizarre Conspiracy Theories that blamed (among others) the long extinct Templars. Now in the wake of multiple catastrophic defeats at the hands of the New Left, they have dug up the corpse of the Communism and (of course) thrown in the JEWS for good measure. (Meanwhile the people who were actually the Communists are busy fighting for Russian Nationalism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity against the very globalist elites who are supposedly part of the “Communist” plot.)

    Having put out their own eyes with delusions, the reactionaries cannot even see the battlefield clearly, or tell friends from foes.

    Liberalism is dying, yes. Our elites are completely corrupt (and always have been), yes. And yes, they are constantly engaged in conspiracies against you, everyone else & each other. But they rule through institutions, not a conspiracy. While retards are busy looking for secret clues to the Illuminati FALSE FLAG in bad Hollywood movies, these institutions rule and order our whole world.

    The incorporation of “conspiracy analysis” into the anarchist strategic paradigm has been going on for years on both the left and the right. Meanwhile the American state you are supposed to be threatening gets stronger and more dangerous every day.

    A revolutionary movement needs a Theory of Power, not a Conspiracy Theory. Otherwise it cannot see to fight. Wandering blind into a conflict with the most powerful empire in human history is not going to work.

    • Some Christian fundies are getting the message and are trying to branch out like Mr. Moore(Alpha males are just into Power Prestige and the next orgasm……great quote). One of the problems of promoting capitalism is it creates selfishness. That selfishness turns into satisfying individual impulses. As America’s wealth grew and became more mechanized in providing consumer products in the 20th century, so to the need for long days for men and women worrying about baring children ended. It creates independence and rebellion against “tradcons”. Funny how feminists are basically Tradcons themselves.

  2. “A revolutionary movement needs a Theory of Power..”

    Well, Carl Schmitt already worked that out for the most part. But a Schmittian analysis of power isn’t really going to inspire large numbers of people to rally around it. As Sorel said, movements need popular myths as the source of their inspiration (e.g. the anarcho-syndicalist idea of “general strike” Judgement Day scenario).

    • This “theory” reminds me of historical materialism. How’s that working out for Marxists? The idea that we humans have attained control over the historical process or that some invisible hand of progress will eventually deliver us from the evils of the world is wishful thinking.

  3. So, what do you want left versus right forever. I blieve that technology could smashed the state if things become cheap enough. The welfare state exist since things are too expensive like Food,and healthcare. The left will always say we need a welfare state because things are way too expensive if technology makes them cheap and abundant maybe no welfare state.

  4. Everybody has their dialect

    Radical Left: The capitalists will dissolve nations and turn us into slaves!!!!
    Radical Right: the Communists are coming and turn us into slaves.

    Face it, the bourgeois state is a body of laws. Take Gay Marriage. Supposedly to these few million people this is somehow hurting freedom. But to Gays, it is uplifting freedom from religious totalitarianism. Lets face it. Conspiracy theory is a financially and politically motivated ideology. Alex Jones is a zionist shill who has made 1000000’s of dollars off this junk. Easy as money to make pie. Politics is fractured. 100 years ago, it was socialism, liberalism(capitalism) and fascism. Now it is split in 1000000 different directions.

    I used to try and still do, pitch a conspiracy theory to the left that the world communist movement was a scam invented by capitalists to build the case for war and military spending so they could make money. The Bolsheviks were jews who worked with capital to create a money making scheme until Stalin ruined it. Then post-war red scare stuff was to build up the military industrial complex and NSC 68 through zionist controlled Joe McCarthy(Roy Cohn). They generally balked. No longer……let build a internet site and market it!!!!!

  5. If the oligarchic elites were actually a conspiracy of ultra-rich technocracts who intended to annihilate the vast majority of humans and engage in eugenic transhumanism I would be nothing but pleased.

    Listening to them, all I can think is how whiny and victimized they sound. Aside from how most of their ‘theories’ show an abysmal ignorance of economics and things like particle physics.

    Conspiracy theorists are like a poor-man’s Rothbard; every once and a while you’ll get good obscure data out of them, but the way they put it together is so patently religious and moralizing. Like the ‘American Conservative’ types, they’ve accepted the same general paradigm of bullshit guilt-mongering that infects Christards and Humanazis.

    I very much fit into the egoist/nihilist and misanthropic tradition, and can’t help but thinking the ‘alt-right’ are just parasites upon us; they take what they like and ignore the implications. How can anyone read Nietzsche and give a shit who gets elected? It’s seriously idiotic, and irritating, and the worst is when they try to show how superior they are for wasting their time on subhuman trash lumpenproles. I don’t want to save America, I want to sink it into the fucking sea with all hands on deck.

  6. Conspiracy theory (or conspiracy realism as the more serious among us like to call it), isn’t going anywhere. The main issue here is the hard empirical data, and incredibly robust, coherent arguments of many “theories”, and a main mirror image issue is the endless idiotic, solipsistic, sensationalism, with likely controlled opposition like Alex Jones and David Icke passing out fear-porn apocalypse like glue in a bag for the addicts to huff themselves to sleep.

    The CIA trafficking mass amounts of hard drugs *is* the grade-school level introduction to the world behind the curtain. 9/11 and JFKs murder are the 101 level conspiracies beyond grade school. I’m no expert or professional researcher, but I am confident in these 3 conspiracies as being 100% official story aberrant. After examining much of the evidence, I consider these 3 conspiracies to be canaries in the coalmine for consciousness. People who hold strong to their rationalizations are simply demonstrating that they are not ready to step behind the curtain.

    Of course, there are many other issues to this broad topic. Such as the “it’s all a conspiracy and it’s all owned crowd” that I have encountered operating with extreme intelligence and subtle analysis. Their attitude reeks of defeatism and perhaps even nihilism. Then there’s the (mostly) utterly insane flat Earthers… conspiracy theory is truly a trap through which many cannot escape up through and become mired within, seemingly permanently, with many tar pits and trap doors. It’s truly no wonder that many reasonable, highly intelligent people mock conspiracy theory, with so many mental casualties and permanent juveniles in adult bodies composing much of the scene. However, isn’t that same human toxicity and failure to thrive apparent across all subcultures of postmodern globalized Babylon McWorld?

    Then there’s the mother of all conspiracies in the form of UFOs, electrogravitics, black-world military budgets and off-world interaction with and manipulation the top of Earth’s elite. Yes, the vast majority of this material is utterly ridiculous, and I myself have learned well to listen to my gut when I smell a braggert bullshitter (many of them probably disinfo folks). But people like Richard Dolan and Richard Sauder have shown empirically and definitively, without silly conjecture, that there is in fact something very, very strange going on.

    So, how to organize from among the ranks of conspiracists… I don’t know what to say. I suppose the best insight I can give is that: by not dismissing them, and by attempting to help them crawl out beyond the fear based milieu that composes so much of conspiricism, up to a more empowered place (perhaps tempered with holistic, non-conspiracy insights such as your studies on elite power structures) I believe that this will be helpful towards expanding integral-level, post-left/right dichotomy consciousness. Engaging with conspiracy facts, thinking through the truth of them vs the disinfo, is in itself an amazing exercise in consciousness expansion and self-interrogation towards tearing down hidden policemen in one’s own mind. I’ll have to consider this some more and get back to you.

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