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News Digest July 5, 2015

His Benefits Were Cut, So He Robbed a Bank South Wales Evening Post

Marijuana for Veterans with PTSD is Finally Going to Be Legal Countercurrents News

While Americans Enjoy 4th, Government Wants to Regulate Fireworks, BBQ, Sparklers by Mike Miller

The Forgotten Story of Iran Air Flight 655 by Max Fisher

Jefferson’s Mistake by Stephen R, Tippins Jr.

Why Bernie Sanders is Galvanizing the Left by Sophia Tesfaye

Mr. Natural Rights by Ronald Hamowy

President Obama Commute 80 Non-Violent Drug Sentences by Bethania Palma Markus

Is Texas Plan to Bring Home Its Gold Bars a Step Towards Secession? by Dave Urbanski

Recanting the Libertarian Case Against Gay Marriage by Justin Raimondo

Not Our Independence Day by William Hogeland

Frederick Douglas on Liberty, Slavery, and the Fourth of July by Damon Root

How Libertarian is Rand Paul on Drug Policy? by Jacob Sullum

The Anti-Jefferson by William M. McClay

Female Genital Mutilation Banned in Nigeria by Kimberley Richards

The New Type of War That Finally Has the Pentagon’s Attention by Thomas Gibbons-Neff

ISIS Makes the British Lion a Declawed and Shabby Cat by Michael Scheuer

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