Mainstream Media’s Schizophrenic Attitude Towards “Conspiracy Theories”

I have in recent times come to notice two things: First, the growing prevalence and prominence of conspiracy thought in various radical milieus and, second, that the ruling class is absolutely horrified by this as the above quotation indicates.
Indeed, I have come to notice that what I call the “conspiracy axis” is fairly unique. I call it an “axis” because it runs across the entire spectrum of conventional political ideologies, religious beliefs, and ethnic identities. Additionally, the conspiracy axis runs across what I have previously identified as the core demographics and political interest groups that would be the natural constituencies for pan-secessionism in North America, and it central thrust is towards the radical center libertarian populism represented by figures like Jesse Ventura, and which veers off towards the Alex Jones-like patriot/consitutionalist right and the Abby Martin-like leftists and progressives. The conspiracy axis includes the populist right, anti-New World Order Christians, libertarians, white nationalists, black nationalists, anarchists, Muslims, New Agers, environmentalists, neo-pagans, and occultists.
Apparently, the power elite sense that something powerful is going on here and is getting concerned. All movements maintain an dichotomy between their intellectual elite and their grassroots, rank and file sympathizers. For example, the right-wing Trotskyist neoconservatives form the intellectual leadership of the Republican Party while its rank and file supporters are rural, small town, white working class and elderly Christians who think Obama is a Kenyan, Muslim, Communist, fascist, liberal who is possibly gay and married to possible transexual, and who wants to set up death panels to euthanize grandma.

Will the conspiracy axis be the popular base of the third wave of anarchist movements?

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