NATA-NY Interviews Stomp Out Child Abuse (S.O.C.A.) Founder

socaPlease introduce yourself and describe your organization, Stomp Out Child Abuse(SOCA).

I’m Dennis, co-founder of S.O.C.A. (Stomp Out Child Abuse). We are a direct action organization whose purpose is to raise awareness against child abuse & molestation.

How did the organization get started? Who are the founders, and when did this project begin?

We started in September of 2014 out of the need to bring a loud voice for children. It seems like abuse and molestation are society’s dirty little secret that no one really wants to talk about or address. Me & Kel, the 2 founders of this group, decided that it was time for a serious change…not only from society but from the failure to prosecute to the light sentencing / protective custody / early release of these offenders.

Describe of the methods and approaches of SOCA. How exactly does the organization help victims of child abuse?

Our methods vary. We post fliers near schools advising of how many registered sex offenders are in the area, we do clothing drives for local abuse shelters and we are just done ordering free fingerprinting kits that we will be handing out to families. We are also building up to doing fundraisers for abuse shelters and for other groups that help with sexual trauma counseling. As far as helping victims goes, we offer to help the victims in whatever way they need. We do everything from helping them locate proper counseling services to accompanying them to court to teaching self defense to helping rebuild self confidence to showing them that there are people in this world who aren’t afraid of predators of children and women.

What are some of SOCA’s biggest successes, in your opinion?

For me, I consider any help with victims we do a success. The one that means the most to me is victims actually reaching out for help. It’s been proven that a victim opening up about abuse can be just as traumatic as the actual crime itself. For someone to finally open up and come forward takes an amazing amount of courage and allows them the ability to finally reach out and get the help they need before they let it destroy them from the inside out .

What is your perception of government agencies like Child Protective Services (CPS)? Do these state organizations ever cause more harm than good?

CPS has proven to be a more of a business and less of an agency that protects children. All anyone has to do is do a simple search to find horror story after horror story after horror story. They seem to be doing a lot more damage these days than good .

What do you think the role of volunteer, community-based efforts against child abuse should be? Do you believe that grassroots efforts can be more effective than bureaucratic state-run programs?

I wholeheartedly believe grassroots activism accomplishes much more than any program that is involved with bureaucracy. With any kind of government involvement, you have red tape, politics, favoritism, nepotism and have to get approval from 50 people and a legal department just to say hi to someone…let alone actually offer to help them.

Based on your knowledge and experience, what role do global elites (e.g. political, corporate, religious, etc.) play in child exploitation, trafficking rings, and other systemic abuse operations?

Based on what has been coming to light, I’d say sexual abuse and torture is more prevalent then people would ever believe. For anyone reading this who has a doubt, go to and look up the Franklin / Boys Town pedophile sex ring documentary and they will be disgusted, if not surprised. If no one has heard, members of England’s royal family have been INDICTED by a world court for child rape / child torture / ritual child murder. Prince Andrew is being exposed now for soliciting a 15 year old sex slave who is now providing times/dates/places, and her pimp has already been convicted. Hollywood is finally catching karma as childhood victims of sex abuse by the famous & wealthy are now stepping out of the shadows and confronting their abusers….AND THERE ARE CONVICTIONS. The only difference between these elites and “regular” pedophiles is the amount of money and attorneys they have to protect them, keep them out of courts and threaten the victims. Lord willing, all who prey on children will be exposed and justice will be served.

How has the general public responded to SOCA’s mission and work?

SOCA has been met with an unbelievable amount of positive responses to our presence. From bikers to punks to skins to blue collar families to moms/dads to grandparents, people have approached us to find out who we are and what we are about. Once we explain, the responses have varied from shaking hands/hugs to requesting cards that they could hand out to people they know. We do get quite a lot of people who try donating money to us, be we refuse every time. Our purpose isn’t to make money, it’s to raise awareness and get people motivated to help make a change. There are a million other groups who would benefit from donations more than we could and offer therapeutic & counseling services.

We’ve heard that the organization RASH (Red Anarchist Skinheads) has presented SOCA with opposition. Could you describe their criticism and explain the effects of this controversy?

The situation with RASH is both disgusting & ridiculous. Several weeks ago, several of our members started being approached by people who knew these mentally deficient wannabes. My understanding is that RASH has been defending pedophilia & pedophiles and claim that we are simply picking on them and that we are “in their realm”. The very same day, we were warned that anytime RASH sees anyone wearing a SOCA patch, they will assault them and remove their patch. SOCA has NO POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS VIEWS AS AN ORGANIZATION. We have members from ALL political viewpoints/affiliations and religions ranging from Christians/Satanist/Asatru/Buddhist/atheist. I knew that once religion & politics were set aside, we could accomplish anything we set our minds to…and we have. RASH, on the other hand, is what is commonly referred to these days as Left Wingnuts or Duh Leftwaffe. They believe in a diseased and corrupted ideology that has killed 50 million people worldwide since its inception. They would like to see anyone who doesn’t agree with them dead and have become prone to attacking people who they don’t agree with. I once saw a RASH member assault an elderly truck driver after ordering him to take off his “nazi hat”…the “nazi hat” was a POW/MIA hat with the driver’s military tabs/buttons on his hat . Anyone can think or believe in whatever they like, that’s what makes America great…but when you start talking about attacking people whose sole purpose is to raise awareness against child abuse and help victims of it , it makes you really start to wonder what their true purpose is. I digress as I’ve already given these clowns about 25 more sentences then they are truly worth .

How can interested parties get involved with your organization, or help with the cause as individuals?

For anyone who is interested in joining or helping out, they can reach out to us several ways. The two easiest methods are these: Locate SOCA Family group on Facebook and leave a message OR they can go to our website, where they can locate their closest chapter on our chapter link page.

What else would you like to add?

We would like to thank you for taking the time to interview us and help us get the word out. We’d like to thank anyone/everyone across the world who fights to help & protect children and would like to see sexual assaults be a thing of the past. We would like to applaud everyone who can look the ugly truth in the face and take up the challenge of changing it. I’d personally like to thank every member of SOCA & Odin’s Children who have just been the most amazing people I’ve ever known and am proud/honored to call my family every day. We’d like to thank the bands on our family webpage who have had the courage to stand with us side-by-side and represented us. But, we’d especially like to thank the following businesses who have had our back since the beginning and are DIRECTLY responsible for us still being here and as large & growing as we are:

Hubie & Hooligan Street Merch

Dave & Never Surrender Records

One last thing, in the next 90 days, we will be releasing a Double CD compilation from bands all over the world who have joined us in our mission. From punk to oi to hardcore, we have those bases covered. After recouping the manufacturing costs, EVERY PENNY will be going to an a group called Safe Horizon who does truly amazing work. Please stop by and check them out at SafeHorizon.Org

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