Time to Entertain Secession?

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Last month, a highly publicized vote took place in Scotland to decide whether to secede from the United Kingdom.  This vote resulted in some sentiments being exposed in the United States that are also sympathetic to the concept of secession.

Newsmax first reported that there is some degree of support in various states for secession.  Then Reuters reported the results of a poll that suggested 24% of Americans support the idea of their state breaking away.

It also turns out that Ron Paul published an essay recently that is highly supportive of the individual states’ trying to secede.

The United States has descended into democratic socialism– or even worse, a form of fascism similar to that which was espoused by Mussolini in Italy.  Now, the central government is in the process of forcing same sex marriage on the individual states.  This is quite similar to what occurred four decades ago when the central government forced legalized abortion on all of the individual states.  The nation is effectively requiring the states to undermine the family; and to affirm and protect sexual immorality.

The United States has become unmoored from its constitutional and historical foundation that was based upon a republican form of government and representative democracy; and that was informed by a distinctly Judeo-Christian heritage.

That is all gone.  The nation does not even remotely resemble what it was even two decades ago.  It is therefore understandable that some individuals– or possibly even some entire states– might want to opt out.  The country, after all, moved away from them.  The nation is markedly different than what it was in the past.

Michael Savage has argued that a “civil war” is imminent.  But he is not speaking about a military engagement.  Instead, he is speaking about deep, irreparable divisions among the American people.  We are now effectively two countries– not one.  In fact, we might be more than two countries at this point.  Savage argues that fighting to win a Republican-controlled Senate is critical to reverse this situation.

I happen to disagree with Mr. Savage on that point.  I don’t think that a Republican-controlled Senate will make much of a difference.

Matthew Staver of Liberty Counsel argues that we are witnessing the end of Western Civilization.  He is essentially correct.  Western Civilization over the last two millenia has been intrinsically Christian.  Our national government is now post-Christian, post-modern and indeed anti-Christian.  And Greensboro’s own Kay Hagan has been at the forefront of this change.

The United States is no longer a fundamentally good country.

As far as I know, the United States Constitution is silent on the matter of secession.  Of course, any attempt to secede might be forcibly squelched by our socialist central government.   But a Supreme Court decision from 1869 seems to acknowledge that secession might occur “through revolution or through consent of the States”.

I think it is time to begin this discussion– both in North Carolina and in other states that overall have major issues with the manner in which events are unfolding.  After all, a loving and tolerant federal government would never require an individual state that strenuously objects to remain part of the nation against its will.

Would it?

The individual states ought to be free to leave the union.  And they now have ample reason to do so.  The key barrier is that large numbers of citizens are hooked on government entitlements– just as in Scotland.  Another barrier is that large segments of the population are post-Christian, just like our socialist central government.

Nonetheless, the nation might have significant pockets of citizens in a number of states who are willing to try something different.  They should be permitted and encouraged to do so.  And citizens from the remaining states ought to have different choices to move to any of those states that do secede.  They need to be able to escape also.

Perhaps we ought to begin this conversation right here in North Carolina.

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