Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

How would a anarchistic nation defend itself against a foreign invasion?


If a resource-rich nation such as America or Canada reverted to a pacifistic anarchistic state, how would it defend itself against an organized invasion by a foreign authoritarian state. A likely scenario being that China or Russia would, having depleted their own resources by the late century, make a play to cease North America’s rich resources. How would informal anarchistic militias defend against a disciplined and technologically advanced land/air/sea/space army of millions of men with access to satellites, drones, and nuclear/chemical/biological weaponry?
There are so many assumptions in this question that need to be unpacked before we could give you proper anarchist answers. You might find something like what you’re looking for here:

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  1. One might argue that the US is being “invaded” already. There doesn’t seem to be any resistance to immigration, which will surely test the carrying capacity of the natural and economic infrastructures in the near future,

  2. With flowers and open borders…

    But seriously, the answer is simple: It could never defend itself against a foreign regime because it is an anarchist nation. And because it is “anarchist” the nation would likely never come into existence in the first place unless there is some sort of international collapse which world superpowers are unable to rebound from.

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