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Robert Stark Interviews Charles Lincoln on the Prison-Industrial Complex

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Robert Stark talks to commentator Charles Lincoln on slavery and the prison-industrial complex. Topics include:

  • How imprisonment replaced slavery
  • The 13th Amendment and the exception it made for imprisonment
  • Prohibition and laws criminalizing what one does with their body
  • American folk heroes that would be criminalized today and how the essence of America was “lawless freedom”
  • The Prison Economy
  • The creation of the Department of Justice and the Federal Prison System after the Civil War
  • US Prison conditions and how they are worse than slavery
  • Charles Lincoln’s Prison Experience

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  1. What a truly priceless little crank.

    What did he keep getting arrested for?

    What is this business about a secret 13th amendment?

    He gets double extra crank points for combining vulgar Marxism with delusional anti-communism. Truly a fascinating dialectical development in the new crank right.
    Adopting a third hand Communist slogan from the useless idiots of the west, he denounces the false bourgeoisie freedom to starve in order to defend the true source of liberty…chattel slavery. Then he brilliantly discerns the monstrous hidden hand of the chi-coms…in making him wear silly prison pajamas…via that dirty chi-com rat: Richard Nixon!

    With this kind of deep and incisive analysis the ZIONEST OCUPATON GOVT doesn’t stand a chance against you ATS!

    You even stole their stupid Marxism! Take that Totalitarian Humanism! WE STOLE YOUR JOOS SECRET DECODER RING!

    See y’all, back when there was slavery we white men was free, but them NORTHERM INTELOPERS stole all the freedom and gave it to the blacks and now we ain’t free no more, cause they used the…uhh… means of producting, to bring back their own slavery, but it was really a diametrical trick to enslave us!

    Now they done stole all our food stamp money and we can’t even get no fat government union jobs except in the prisons! An honest white man can’t even abandon his own children no more!

    But we stole the diametrical..uhh…materialistism…from the JOOOS and we done figured it all out! We gonna read us some books on 4th germination warfare and get some plastic guns and bitcoins and secede!

    (You be sure to keep it a secret hoss, cause we sure don’t want the ZOG finding out about it. That’s why we are organizing it all over Facebook.)

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