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Weird Science: Liberal Creationism vs. Christian Creationism

By Matt Parrott

I’m a bit old for Bill Nye. By the time his children’s science show came on in the early ’90′s, I had already graduated to reading Carl Sagan’s more advanced presentation of the vapid and vacuous “I Fucking Love Science!” worldview.

My love of critical thinking and the scientific method itself has only strengthened with time, which makes me despise all the more those who distort this elegant and powerful process and its findings in the service of their secular humanist agenda. William Saletan, a Jewish science columnist for the Leftist webzine Slate, said it best before being brutally checked by his colleagues and bosses for heresy: Bill Nye and his ilk are essentially “liberal creationists,” religious adherents of their own supernatural creation myth.

I don’t have any patience for Ken Ham and other Creation “scientists” who are feverishly trying to pitch Genesis as a literal record of what really happened. But Answers in Genesis and all those angry Kansans crashing school board meetings wouldn’t exist if science hadn’t been politically and philosophically weaponized against Christianity in the first place. “Science!” has been deployed as a battering ram in our public schools and universities, in our children’s programming, and in our Hollywood media, invariably conflating the scientific method and its fruits with secular humanism and its political agenda.

So, it’s with this bitter contempt for both parties that I sat down to watch Bill Nye “The Science Guy” debate Ken Ham “The Creationism Guy.”


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