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US conservatism as a Leftist movement

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Ronald Reagan signed  MLK Day into law

Ronald Reagan signed MLK Jr Day into law

Polling data over the years point to self-identified conservatives as the largest ideological group in the United States. Gallup has found that about 40% of the public identifies as conservative, 35% as moderate and 20% as liberal. But what does this really mean in a society where abortion is legal and readily available, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, homosexual marriage is increasingly common, the church is totally separated from social policy-making decisions, miscegenation is trendy and rampant and the government actively seeks to break up traditional and homogeneous communities? What does it mean to be a conservative in a society such as the United States where the status quo is a Left-wing experiment in universalism and egalitarian democracy?

Author and pan-secessionist political theorist Keith Preston recently summarised US conservatism in one of his weekly podcasts. He noted that US conservatism as a movement is always marching to the Left:

Over time what constitutes conservatism in the United States tends to constantly shift Leftward. …The conservatism of any given era tends to be yesterday’s liberalism. A good example of that is the way that now the mainstream conservatives try to claim someone like Martin Luther King as a conservative icon. And in reality, in the 1960s when Martin Luther King was still alive all the conservative publications were denouncing him as a communist and a subversive. So we see how radically to the Left so-called conservatism has shifted in the last few decades. And that will continue.

The above remarks by Preston are consistent with the historical perspective explained in detail on SNN over the past several years which posits the United States as a Left-wing experiment born from the Enlightenment. US conservatism is not really a Right-wing movement at all. This explains how it is able to so easily adopt all of the values of the more radical Left. It essentially seeks to conserve the Leftist experiment that is the USA and wrap universalism and revolutionary egalitarianism in patriotic-sounding rhetoric.

For those looking for an alternative to the Leftist status quo of the USA there is Southern nationalism.

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