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Radicalizing the Center, Part Two: Reflections on Movement Building

Attack the System
Radicalizing the Center, Part Two: Reflections on Movement Building

May 26, 2013

Keith Preston continues his discussion of how to bring revolutionary anarchist ideas into the mainstream.

Topics include:

  • How the prevalence of cultural leftist fanaticism within the anarchist milieu is undermining the growth of the movement and outreach efforts.
  • Why the state is a unique institution of oppression and why efforts to equate statism with other forms of authoritarianism are misguided.
  • Why a radical libertarian movement must ultimately be oriented towards the cultural center of any given society in order to achieve political success.
  • Why an anti-state movement in the United States must appeal to the entire cross section of political and cultural opinion.
  • How the classical anarchist movements faced a different political context from modern anarchists movements.
  • How the process of revolutionary build up by revolutionary anarchist movements fits well with prevailing trends in demographics, economics, technology, and military evolution.

Run time: 76:53

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  1. We staked this ground back in 2010 – (1) The RPN’s notion of “Centre/Periphery” is an inverse of that put forward by the French New Right thinker, Alain de Benoist. M. de Benoist identifies “the Centre” as the nucleus of Globalist power with all opposition rendered and defrocked to “the Periphery.” This is no more than a re-labeling of the Marxist notion of “metropole/hinterland.” The RPN has taken the initiative to inverse this political relationship/dynamic of powerlessness.

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