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The Legacy of the New Left: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Attack the System
The Legacy of the New Left: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

May 13, 2013

Keith Preston offers a critical evaluation of the movement that shaped the cultural life of contemporary Western societies.

Topics include:

  • The intellectual and political origins of the New Left as a “fourth way” movement beyond capitalism, fascism, and communism.
  • The convergence of social forces during the 1960s that made the growth of the New Left possible.
  • The success of the New Left at carrying out a comprehensive cultural revolution in Western civilization.
  • The failure of the New Left at opposing American imperialism, challenging the hegemony of plutocratic capitalism, and preventing the subsequent growth of police state repression.
  • The growth of New Left-inspired “repressive tolerance” as a new force for political oppression.
  • The theoretical weaknesses of the New Left that contributed to its failures and how these might be corrected for by a new wave of radicalism.
  • How the various anarchist, libertarian, and anti-state movements have failed to recognize and oppose contemporary forms of left-wing authoritarianism and how this is an obstacle to the growth of an effective anti-state radicalism.

Run time: 86:22

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  1. War – The government will do what it chooses to do. The government goes war when it chooses to go to war but USA chooses targets that are weaker than USA are. USA picks weak targets and makes puppet leaders and lets the companies take over then sometimes USA gets problems with the leader.

    Elites – One of the problems with so called elites of we have a very poor mentoring program. In the past we would pass on our trade to our children so it was clear who would get our knowledge. Our next generation should be smarter than our current generation. Rich families or skilled families keep it in the family multiple ways.

    Money rich families will know what good investments already are and will advices for or against buying things, they will give interest free loans and will apply pressure and additive to help get the funds. Many people get skills because they are friends of those who those who have skills, that is how people get promoted fast in most cases(unless they are just friends).

    Skill like dance or gymnancies(they could do it for other skills too but if its for industry they will not be seen so learning the skill early will not matter much and people bitch about labor laws more for that) they start the training around 3 1/2 and do home schooling. They make their childs life be focused around the skill so they enjoy it. They look around the market for the best places in the market for their child having this skill AKA they are a manager or job hunter.

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