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  1. Yeah I found that before Keith did. I’m not sure about guns anymore since Sandy Hook, but then again it’s just that you have people having guns for the wrong reasons (and not keeping track of them wisely). I’m not stupid, obviously in today’s age a gun like the one pictured isn’t gonna be any good against whatever the jack-booted thugs will be armed with now. I don’t own a gun myself and dunno if I’d be able to, but I’d be safer with one…

  2. Um, no, I believe that Civil Rights Legislation does actually deserve more of the credit for stopping Klan raids than do black people with guns. As far as Klan “riders” go, well, I don’t think there were too many armed Negro resistance movements keeping the good old KK of K at bay while they were still in the practice of lynching people from horseback, and while something like that might just make a pretty decent historical fiction movie for when February rolls around, the key term is “historical fiction”. I’m all for the second amendment and personal responsibility, and believe it crucial that a people hold both the means and right attitudes necessary for defending themselves in the interest of sustaining their liberty. And I’m not arguing that a black dude with a scope mounted high caliber rifle couldn’t possibly stop a group of sheet wearing, rope and torch carrying good ol’ boys on horseback, it’s just not what really happened. The system happened.

    It was a legal system based on an unfortunate underlying culture of pride, wrath and bigotry used to oppress a certain group of people while guarding (often venerating) their murderers, and the legal system was later used as a cudgel to beat these murderers into submission, and to subdue an unfortunate culture (yet again) along with any other should it conflict with the absolute rule of law predicated by an unfortunate culture of pride, wrath and bigotry. That’s what you might call, “paradoxical”. Scarier than any well armed individual is your average pencil pushing needle-dicked attorney armed with a briefcase and the proper podium to swing it from, but such is also the reason you don’t see too many confederate sympathizing spook enthusiasts riding down Main Street… anymore. Soon to be cops in tanks, but that’s just a continuation of the same old story, and the guy in that photograph won’t be able to stop those legally sanctioned bunch of marauding thugs either.

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