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  1. The problem with Star Wars and 1984 are its blatantly Leftist visions of tyranny. It views tyranny as men in snappy uniforms saying anti-democratic things, hordes of faceless stormtroopers, and secret police dragging off dissenters in the night.

    It has no sense at all for liberal tyranny, leftist tyranny, a form which may be far more insidious (At least when there is a pliable population of genetic lefties, such as North Europeans). This cottonball mass, which does not crush but suffocates and blinds, is completely invisible to the leftist architects of these ‘anti-authoritarian’ visions. They fail even to recognize that, deprived of authority, a State is also deprived of responsibility: it becomes totally unaccountable. Contrary to the Leftist vision of Bush 2.0, the man did little and said less. The White House, State Department and a hundred thousand little men with no actual job descriptions invaded Iraq, not some faux-Texan who couldn’t swallow pretzels.

    This 1984/Star Wars liberal vision of tyranny is the standard for the left and the fake-right (Republicans), so that they can not see the absolute despotism that strangles them. Even most of the ‘extreme’ conservatives, who say we might need to ‘have a second American revolution’ don’t recognize how far beyond that things have gotten. They don’t think about the FDA killing thousands a people a year by obstructing drugs, they don’t think about increased border patrols generating intense gang wars due to a decrease in drug mules, etc.

    As fun as it is to paint a Hitler mustache on Obama or put a Sith hood on Cheney the reality is that these cliched depictions distract from the reality of liberal tyranny and its very different methods.

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