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‘He’s Killing His Own People!’
by Justin Raimondo

He’s killing his own people!”

It’s a familiar refrain to those of us who’ve been paying attention the past decade or so: it’s what our leaders in both parties said about Saddam Hussein by way of justifying the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and it’s what they’re saying now about Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, who is the regime-changers’ latest target.

No one denies Assad is a murderous tyrant, just as few denied the same appellation to the departed Iraqi despot, but Western outrage when it comes to these matters is extremely selective. After all, the US-supported government of Yemen is also killing its own people in air strikes that get very little attention in the Western media — but since Yemen is on the front lines of our eternal “war on terrorism,” we look the other way. Indeed, air strikes by the US have often been attributed to the Yemenis, who are covering for us — and receiving goodies in return.

Regime-change in Yemen? Not on your life.

The latest hysterics from the Washington crowd involve alleged “weapons of mass destruction” in Assad’s possession: chemical weapons which he is supposedly mixing up in his demonic labs and loading onto missiles for delivery against the Western-backed al-Qaeda fanaticsfreedom fighters” battling the Syrian army. The inherently counterintuitive illogic of deploying such weaponry against a widely dispersed guerrilla army hasn’t deterred the usual Anonymous Government Officials from making this startling claim, and our “mainstream” media — playing its accustomed role as passive purveyors of government propaganda — is spreading this “news” far and wide.

We won’t be fooled again — except when we are.

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