Left and Right

Liberal counterinsurgency versus the paramilitary right

This piece by critic of yours truly Matthew Lyons is quite good and well worth worth reading. Here’s the money quote:

we need to “worry much more about the consequences of ruling class ‘anti fascism,’ than [about] ruling class propensities to impose fascism from above.” Building on Walden Bello’s warning that leftists need to combat not only neoliberalism but also “global social democracy” (an emerging ruling-class strategy that seeks to mitigate global inequality and environmental destruction in a technocratic capitalist framework), Hamerquist suggests that an authoritarian anti-fascism could become a lynchpin of global social democracy.

It’s about time someone on the radical Left actually figured this out.

Read the entire article at Three Way Fight.

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  1. Most notoriously, in 1979 an FBI informer and an agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms helped to plan the Greensboro massacre, in which a coalition of Klansmen and neonazis murdered five members of the Communist Workers Party. (See Donner, Protectors of Privilege, pp. 146-50; Churchill and Vander Wall, Agents of Repression, pp. 181-2.)

    The klan-nazi guys claimed self-defense and were tried TWICE-and acquitted both times. I thought that the main reason they were acquitted is that the CWP loons refused to testify. At any rate, the purported massacre was certainly not some government plot to prevent the CWP from organizing textile workers whose jobs were already in the process of being offshored.

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