Support for Kill List and NDAA make Obama and Romney unfit for office

By Thomas Mullen

TAMPA, November 2, 2012 – It wasn’t so  long ago that the following statement could only appear in a dystopian novel or  movie script:

The U.S. President has killed an American citizen without due  process, without even charging him with a crime. His decision to do this has  been challenged by members of neither party.

While the media-fueled frenzy goes on about how supposedly different  Romney and the conservatives are from Obama and the liberals, no one even raises  an eyebrow about this terrifying political development.

Not even the left, which quite correctly howled at passage of the  Patriot Act and the Bush administrations’ other assaults on  freedom.

Bush and the Republicans committed egregious crimes against liberty,  but did not go near this far in violating the even more important right to life.

The president makes a mockery of the term “due process” by claiming  that the requirement is fulfilled by a panel of his own self-appointed czars and  cronies reviewing the case. This doesn’t even pass the constitutional test. The  panel is exclusively comprised of members of the executive branch of  government. Judicial power is explicitly denied to the executive by the plain  words of the constitution.

At any previous time in American history, a summary execution by the  executive without due process would have been considered cold blooded murder and  an act of tyranny. Yet, it has happened in the light of day and neither the  political class nor the citizenry has batted an eye.

If even this does not rouse American citizens to stand up to their  government, to what would they conceivably say “no?”

Given Romney’s endorsement of the president’s action,  there is a well-worn term that applies to both candidates for president. “Unfit  for office” has been wasted in the past on extramarital affairs or scandals  involving some misappropriation of funds in private business. Like the cry of “wolf!” its impact has been eroded by overuse.

However, it is a gravely serious charge. It denotes a fundamental moral  failing that puts a candidate completely beyond  consideration.

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney are unfit for office due to their  support for the presidential kill list. Regardless of where they stand  on economic policy, foreign policy or social issues, this position alone should  disqualify them in any civilized society.

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