Masculinity Is Not Revolutionary

DGR in the United States…

You must become a feminist to be a true revolutionary!

By Kid Cutback

Revolutionaries of many types maintain that resistance by any means necessary is required to stop momentous social injustice and environmental degradation. These activists recognize that those in power are the enemy and that the enemy will stop at nothing unless forced to do otherwise. Following this understanding, militancy is understood to be appropriate given the situation.

Applied appropriately, militancy is an approach to activism that pledges a steadfast dedication to physically intervene, when necessary, in the violation of living beings and the destruction of communities. This militancy is often rooted in healthy communal norms and an allegiance to the bodily integrity of all beings.

Applied inappropriately, militancy is a reinforcement of men’s machismo. It’s a too easy jump given the hallmark militarized psychology and violation imperative of masculinity. To learn more about why militancy is applied inappropriately, we have to talk about gender.

Gender serves the purpose of arranging power between human beings based on their sex, categorizing them as feminine or masculine. In the succinct words of author and anti-porn activist Gail Dines, femininity can be characterized as an attitude of fuck me, while masculinity is an attitude of fuck you.

To be masculine, “to be a man,” says writer Robert Jensen in his phenomenal book, Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity, “…is a bad trade. When we become men—when we accept the idea that there is something called masculinity to which we could conform—we exchange those aspects of ourselves that make life worth living for an endless struggle for power that, in the end, is illusory and destructive not only to others but to ourselves.”1 Masculinity’s destructiveness manifests in men’s violence against women and men’s violence against the world. Feminist writer and activist Lierre Keith notes, “Men become ‘real men’ by breaking boundaries, whether it’s the sexual boundaries of women, the cultural boundaries of other peoples, the political boundaries of other nations, the genetic boundaries of species, the biological boundaries of living communities, or the physical boundaries of the atom itself.”2

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  1. I find it interesting that Jensen’s philosophy has inspired the creation of “terrorist cells” over in Mexico while in the U.S. the DGR people are trying to bring back 70’s feminism and participating in ‘laying-around-on-the-road-with-signs-we-made-with-markers-we-bought-at-Wal-Mart’ style protests… The Mexican police and military are a lot more ruthless than their U.S. counterparts so if these people already lack the courage to wage their war I don’t see how becoming genderless feminists is going to help with that.

    Of course, as wary as I am about it, alliances could still be formed with these people in the same way Thomas Naylor has done by inviting Lierre Keith to speak at his secessionist convention…

  2. Yeah…. utter horseshit. Yes, masculinity is used by those in power; and only by those in power to further it’s ends. For the rest of us they want model androgynous worker bees who will faithfully punch the clock to support their system. It is precisely the masculinity; the warriors; of factions and people’s within the states borders that must be suppressed in order to maintain control. Look at my people; our warriors were defeated on the battle field over the past few centuries and are now herded onto reservations to drink themselves to death and kill one another; unless they are willing to give up on being men and go to work as a tribal government bureaucrat. The system definitely does not want my people to embrace their masculinity again; it would be a direct and very real threat to their control.

    I don’t think people like this know what a balanced community looks like. We need a return of femininity and masculinity in balance. Their are important roles in any community for both men and women. Sure, in some sort of post state environment you will have groups of people who choose to do away with gender roles. That’s fine. But to blame men for the current state of things is ridiculous. Okay, maybe it is our fault. Maybe we haven’t fought hard enough…. yet.

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