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Thomas Naylor Continues His Role As An Anti-American, Anti-Semitic Tool of Iran’s Propaganda Ministry

This guy really hates the Second Vermont Republic but you have to wonder why he keeps writing about Vermont secessionists even though no one seems to leave comments on any of his posts… Let’s give his some site traffic and maybe he’ll be kind enough to add Attack the System to his “neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, Paleoconservative, Racist, White Separatist, anti-Government, Sovereignty Activists, and Related Links, as well as Their Enablers and Supporters” blogroll section.

Back in December of 2011 I wrote about the Second Vermont Republic’s founder, Thomas H. Naylor’s repeated attacks on the U.S. via Iran’s propaganda website Press TV, the 24-hour English language news network owned by the state-owned media corporation Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. When Press TV was first created in July of 2007 it made a short lived pretense at offering news broadcasts that, while often amateurish, utilized presenters with real news backgrounds. That soon came to an end during Iran’s 2009 election and the resulting demonstrations. In its short, five year existence Press TV has been mired in controversy, not the least of which has been its reliance on U.S. writers and bloggers with strong ties to the American anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying and, at times, neo-Nazi associated website community like CounterPunch, Veterans Today and American Free Press.

Thus far this year Naylor’s done two more self-important, bloviating interviews with Press TV, one last week here and this one in January that played to Press TV’s virulently anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying audience:

“The problem is that President Obama… and his foreign policy is effectively under the control of the rightwing Likud of Israel with the complete compliance of the United States media.”


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