Government and Media Turn Accused Cop Killers into Constitutionalist “Sovereign Citizens”

By Kurt Nimmo

Prior the latest round of violence attributed to the so-called “sovereign citizen movement,” the FBI ramped up its propaganda campaign and declared that “extremists” opposed to the government pose a domestic terror threat and a danger to law enforcement.

The FBI’s Counterterrorism Analysis Section produced a report in February stating that activists opposed to government authority and taxation pose a violent threat to law enforcement. The report specifically denotes constitutionalists as terrorists.

“As sovereign citizens’ numbers grow, so do the chances of contact with law enforcement and, thus, the risks that incidents will end in violence. Law enforcement and judicial officials must understand the sovereign-citizen movement, be able to identify indicators, and know how to protect themselves from the group’s threatening tactics,” the report states.

The FBI linked the suspects arrested after the murder of two police officers in Louisiana last week to violent anarchists on the FBI’s domestic terrorism watch lists, according to the Associated Press.

It is said the FBI was “monitoring” the group. As past experience demonstrates, when the FBI “monitors” a group it often creates extremism and provocateurs violence. It is a distinct possibility the agency placed an informant in the midst of the group before members allegedly engaged in the rampage last week. reported last year that virtually all terror plots in the United States are organized by the FBI. A report published by Mother Jones and the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkley revealed the FBI recruits patsies and encourages them to engage in terror plots.

On the other hand, the group of suspects may not be politically motivated or associated with the sovereign citizen movement.

Police admit that there is scant evidence linking the suspected criminals to the sovereign citizen movement. Sgt. Len Marie, a state police spokesman in Louisiana, said on Saturday it was too early to verify links to the extremist groups associated with the sovereign citizen movement.

The FBI and the corporate media have not explained how theft and drugs are linked to the philosophy of sovereign citizens the government claims are constitutionalists.

The suspects in the Louisiana murders seem to be criminals involved in theft and drugs, not defrauding banks and the government, activity the FBI attributes to the sovereign citizen movement. Members of the group were allegedly involved in a burglary at a mobile home park laundry in May and are wanted under warrants issued in Tennessee, Nebraska and Louisiana.

Despite the lack of evidence linking the group to any political philosophy, the establishment media continues to produce headlines claiming the murders are part of anti-government activity. The Boston Globe, for instance, claims the suspects are “violent anarchists on the FBI’s domestic terrorism watch lists.”

“Police say some of the perpetrators could have been heavily influenced by the sovereign citizens movement, a group deemed to be violent anarchists who believes they are not under the jurisdiction of U.S. law and don’t need to fulfill duties, like pay taxes,” the Daily Mail reported on Sunday.

The Southern Poverty Law Center claims members of the group “may have ties to the sovereign citizens movement” after a member Terry Smith “identified himself as a sovereign citizen to Tennessee authorities who served him with a search warrant last November,” according to WBRZ in Louisiana.

Smith’s alleged comment has provided a pretext for the government to turn the murder of two policemen by criminals allegedly involved in theft and drugs into a hysterical warning about domestic terrorism.

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