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Interview: Obama Had Marxist Vision For US At Occidental College

I have no idea whether any of this is true or not, but it would be consistent with my own understanding of Obama as a manifestation of a class revolution carried out by an upper middle class motivated by cultural leftist ideology. If indeed Obama was a Marxist revolutionary in his youth, it’s quite likely that he’s since modified his views to accommodate a social democratic version of capitalism but one with a strong cultural leftist orientation. That’s the general trajectory that the New Left has displayed and while Obama is too young to have been a radical in the 60s it is clear that it was in the offshoots of that ideological milieu that his political ideas were formed.

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Has anyone ever been interested in President  Obama’s ideological past? What were Obama’s beliefs while he was at Occidental?  Several interviews by Dr. John Drew during the 2008 campaign cycle gave some  insight, but few were interested at that time in what Obama really believed when  he attended Occidental College. (See “Meeting Young Obama” and “Even Republicans  Rejected Info About Obama’s Past” at Dr. Drew wrote, “Meeting Obama”, about Obama and his ideology about taking the United States  over and making it fail so the, “revolution” could in his article “Meeting Young  Obama” on February 24, 2011. He clearly remembers what Obama stated, in his own  words, “Like it was yesterday”. Obama espoused without hesitation, “There’s  going to be a revolution,” saying, “we need to be organized and grow the  movement.” This is disturbing due to the fact what our nation is going through  right now drives it to the edge of failure; just what the young Obama stated he  wanted to accomplish in 1980: the end of capitalism in the United States.

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