Paleconservative website describes ARV/ATS as “Marxist”

We just can’t win. LOL! The comments by this “conservative” are otherwise quite well-considered:

F.A. Hayek’s stance to combat the leviathan monster of the State is to go local. Rockwell continues:  “We need a Hayekian solution to the US. We need small states trading with each other. How many? It really doesn’t matter so long as one is not overly large geographically or in terms of population. It could be 10 states or 100. At some point, the number of political units created would have to be left to the people themselves, to be decided by local plebiscite. After all, at that point, all political alliances between units would have to be voluntary and clearly dissolvable.”  

In a significant tract from a Marxist viewpoint, Liberty and Populism: Building an Effective Resistance Movement in North America, a cogent point is made:

“I believe the best way to approach the possibility of a rapprochement between the radical libertarian-left and the populist radical-right is to convince both sides that their cultural interests are best defended within the context of a radically decentralized political order. Much of the right should be open to this idea as respect for venerable American traditions such as “states’ rights” and “local sovereignty” is common on the right.”

Surely genuine conservatives can agreed that localism is at the core of self-determination!  Such credentialed stalwarts like Free Congress Foundation President Paul M. Weyrich have long championed the clout of local empowerment.  With the passing of Harry Brown, would this not be an advantageous time to rally libertarians and populist conservatives to focus on their common interests, which all start and reside within their most local of governmental jurisdictions?

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