R. I. P. Richard Hunt

By Wayne John Sturgeon

Richard Hunt, former editor of  the UK based “Green Anarchist” and “Alternative Green” magazines, died may 2nd 2012. He was 79 years old.  Green Anarchist,  a publication he launched in the mid to late 80s, was a very beautifully illustrated magazine (Richard was an excellent artist) with a spirit very akin to the traveller, squatter, free festival and counter cultural punk scene of the time. Richard would  finance, write, edit,and illustrate this magazine until he was kicked out by the other editors for supposed reactionary views. These reactionary views apparently consisted of supporting traditional gender roles (despite being very pro-homosexual) admitting to a natural patriotism (he was opposed to the first Iraq war but felt an  kindred affinity to the british service personnel) and being concerned on enviromental  and sustainabillity grounds as to the impact mass immigration would have on the eco-system of the U. K., etc.

He parted to form Alternative Green magazine in the early 90s. Green Anarchist then changed into a much more aggressive, vanguardist, anarcho-primitivist, “propaganda of the deed” type mag that alienated and divided many and almost landed its editors a lengthy jail term before disappearing completely. Alternative Green (subtitled “green anarchism for the polictically incorrect”) seeked to transcend  both left and right dogmatism aiming at a synthesis of what Richard would refer to as “the loyality of the right with the compassion of the left.”

To this end he opened up a dialogue with those  on the decentralist left and right and for this open mindedness and goodwill  Richard was smeared as a fascist, racist and sexist (despite advocating inter-racial marriages with the slogan “Loyality to Place not Race”). This hurt him deeply as he was a kind, sensitive, charming and gracious man with an air of well educated English eccenticity about him. (He had worked for the BBC designing stage props for Dr Who and Monty Python!)

He was threatened, routinely abused in the pages of green anarchist magazine, had papers stolen when doing street sales and was completely marginalised by the very movement he had helped to create and support. In one incident he was abused in his own home when giving hospitality to strangers who faked an interest in alternative green. He was banned from participation in the london based yearly “Anarchist Bookfair” before going on to help organise the brighton 99 Anarchist “Heretics” Fair. Subsequent “Anarchist Heretics Fairs” would attract the attention and intimidation tactics of AFA etc. Alternative Green continued until Richard had a severe stroke which left him unable to speak and with very limited mobility, a condition in which he suffered for more than several years. The magazine would continue with Troy Southgate as editor (who had been a loyal supporter of Richard’s) before Adrian White (a close friend and ally)would take over before  he eventually disbanded the mag only very recently. It was run on a complete shoestring despite Richard having had a large inheritence with which he was able to finance both GA and AG (and his hardback book “To End Poverty- The Starvation of the Periphery by the Core”). A major chunk of this was seized by an “activist” associate who sadly would later decline to give a single penny to those who wanted AG to continue in the same attractive format and nationwide distribution that Richard had ensured (sometimes retailers like “Peace News” in London would have to sell the mag “under the counter”!)

Troy Southgate would later innovate some of Richard’s core ideas to create and formulate the recent and dynamic tradition of “National Anarchism.” Richard Hunt thus leaves behind a valuable  and rich legacy- it was an honour to have known him and to have worked with him and i will always be grateful to him for his considerable insights, creativity, generosity and above all  his sense of good natured humour!l  Let’s not let him down.

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  1. Extremely sad.

    Maybe it’s not the moment, but I can’t help but comment this line:

    “Loyality to Place not Race”

    That kind of “propositional” or “citizenship” loyalty is, at best, biologically absurd. My kin is my kin here and there. My genes are my genes here and there. My genetic interests are exactly the same in this nation-state or in any other one. My culture, which is nothing more that phenotypic adaption through change in patterns of behaviour, should be inclusive-fitness maximizing anywhere. When there’s no danger of extreme consanguinity what’s usually termed “interracial marriage” is maladpative. Lest not forget that it is usually a consequence of state-sponsored massive migration and state-sponsored cultural manipulation. Today it amounts to soft genocide.

  2. Well done Wayne. I knew Richard well. He and I used to argue about politics hours and hours at his ascetic place at Upper Barr in Oxford. Richard’s talents were many. As Wayne says he was a BBC designer. He was fond of music – always radio 3. I believe he wrote a show at one stage.

    Richard was always delightful to know. He could take offense, and I have known him to do so quite violently (though in no physical sense). But he was always considerate, dignified, and also amusing and cheerful. He was above all determined to defend his persona as a politician. He was very clear about where he stood and clear concerning his highly individual view of how humanity should live. He claimed to consider his views something akin to the revealed truth. How much this was intended to present an image and how much something in which he truly believed is not clear to me.

    On a personal level he was a dear friend. I saw him regularly through the last years following his series of strokes. He could say little though I am certain he understood everything. As he was declining, before he lost finally the power of speech he told me that he regarded his life’s work as complete and that following the production of his book he was content to hand over to others.

    St Andrews, the home in which he spent his last years looked after him with enormous kindness. I think they had a sense of who he was and he was looked up to. Always dignified, always charming. I remember him with great fondness.

    I have more or less a full set of Alternative Green, a copy of his book ‘To End Poverty’ and a collection of photographs. It would be good to hear from others that have other parts of his work.

    Anthony Wilkes

  3. I used to read Richard in Alternative Green and Green Anarchist, and whilst often not agreeing with their conclusions (particularly over gener roles), they (like his book, which I picked up for 50p at Housmans !) certainly provided food for thought and debate.

    It is therefore somewhat unedifying to see a variety of far right activists claim him as one of their own. Hunt was never, ever a fascist nor did he claim the supremacy of one race over another, nor did he claim immigration was genocide (a right extremist canard); He also believed in equality of sexualities, something that the far right regard with horror.

    Like Anthony, I retain most of my old copies of Alternative Green and Green Anarchists for his contributions. Maybe someone should compile these into a single publication.

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