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Brandon Darby, Left Anarchist To Conservative Activist

From leftoid, to FBI informant, to teabagger.



Brandon Darby is probably not a name you are familiar with. After you read this you will wonder why you aren’t familiar with him. His story, to say the least, is fascinating. I met Brandon when he spoke at BlogCon a few weeks ago. The short version is this. Darby was approached by the FBI in late 2007 and asked to infiltrate a group of Leftwing anarchists Austin activists planning to protest and disrupt the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Minn. Based on information Darby provided, FBI agents arrested and charged two men on domestic terrorism charges in a plot to firebomb at the convention. Their house was raided, the bombs seized, and Bradley Crowder and David McKay were arrested, charged, accepted plea bargains, and served several year long incarcerations.

Let me guess. You had never heard about the 2008 RNC being targeted for firebombing by leftwing radicals? Or maybe you remember one or two stories vaguely? Am I right? So goes the mainstream media. Which is why you may have never heard of Brandon Darby.

Darby was trusted by the anarchists group because he was a well known leftwing activist himself before he was approached by the FBI to be an informant.  He had co-founded an organization called “Common Ground,” which had gone into New Orleans right after Katrina to give relief to the residents there. Darby was easily accepted and trusted. After the arrest, McKay, after changing his story a few times, accused Darby of provoking them into plotting with ‘molotov cocktails’. Although the FBI asked Darby to continue to be an informant, he didn’t want to continue. He publicly revealed his role as an informant, and testified against the small group. Crowder and McKay even produced a documentary titled “Better This World” that also accuses Darby of pushing them into more radical ways to fight. They also claim they were never going to use the Molotov cocktails at the RNC (Just making them for fun I suppose). Darby fully refutes that he encouraged them. Darby says that he felt it was important to stop something that could have hurt or killed people or cops at the RNC. The New York Times also ran a hit piece on Darby claiming that Darby had “encouraged” the plot to build the Molotov cocktails, even though both McKay and Crowder say Darby didn’t know about the bombs until after they were made. Darby sued the New York Times for libel and the Times ran a correction.

After the Times story Andrew Breitbart, the firebrand conservative activist, recently passed, who ran Breitbart.tv, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Peace, called Darby and asked him why he wasn’t refuting the Time’s narrative. Darby said he had tried, but the mainstream media was ignoring him. Breitbart offered Darby a voice on Big Government, which Darby continues to write for. Breitbart supported Darby, and became a big influence, and helped changed his worldview. Darby now travels the country speaking at Tea Party events and conservative conferences speaking about the mindset of the left, which he knows so well.

I interviewed Darby to find out about that worldview he left behind.

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