Are the New Testament gospels history? Where's the proof?

Interesting monologue from historian of religion and mythology D.M. Murdoch.

I don’t generally write on religious issues as I see the struggle against the state to be a non-sectarian enterprise. But it’s also true that one of the major enemy political factions of anti-state radicals in the contemporary USA are the Christian Zionists. Biblical literalism/fundamentalism is the theological pillar on which Christian Zionism stands. If the credibility of biblical literalism is undermined, then Christian Zionism falls by default.

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  1. The Old Testament is even less credible, since according to archaeology there was no Jewish city at Jerusalem before the 6th century BC, nor was there ever a mass-exodus from Egypt.

    There could certainly have been a shaman named Jesus that got himself nailed to a cross during the reign of Tiberius. The same kind of thing was being done to priests of Isis at Rome at about the same time. The nailing implies that Jesus was regarded as a sorceror: priests of Isis were believed to be able to turn into birds and fly away.

  2. I have just implied that the Gospels’ account of the life of Jesus could easily be based on reality but appears likely to have been given a twisted interpretation by the time it was written down most of a century later.

  3. I dunno Hadding, crucifixion seems to be a pretty standard Roman punishment. Spartacus’ boyz were crucified and I don’t think that was because they were thought to be magic.

    Take the miracle stuff out of the NT and what have you got? A guy walking around a rebellious Roman province agitating for Jewish unity and reform. Given the history of that province and given the conditions at that particular time I suggest what you are looking at is just a Jewish nationalist trying out some left field resistance techinques.

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