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FREE FRED REIO! Police arrest young African over Facebook and music video

From UhuruNews. Com.


On February 7, police in riot gear came to arrest Fred Reio and said the “probable cause” was the music video here was the reason they locked him up. The guns in the video are just props and ain’t even real. They also had been following him on Facebook (his profile has a picture of an African being lynched by an American flag).

The unit that committed this violation of Fred’s right to free speech is called Career Offender Tracking Apprehension (COTA). They’re a unit of the St. Petersburg Police Department who has been constantly terrorizing the African community in St. Petersburg, mainly through its Street Crimes Unit (modeled after the unit from the NYPD that murdered Amadou Diallo and sodomized Abner Louima).

Join the fight to free Fred Reio! We can’t allow them to use movies, music videos or facebook pics to lock people up!

Write letters, send emails, and make calls to the Pinellas County State Attorney demanding:
· Free Fred immediately!
· Reparations to Fred Reio!
· Disband COTA and the Street Crimes Units that terrorize the African community!
· A Justice Department investigation into the civil rights violations committed by COTA and the Street Crimes Unit!

Send them to Attn:Pinellas County State Attorney, Bernie McCabe
P.O. Box 5028
Clearwater, Fla. 33758
email- Public Information Officer, Ron Stuart for the 6th Judicial Circuit at: rstuart@jud6.org

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