Keith Preston Denounced as Leftist Hijacker of Libertarianism

So says a critic of my article “Should Libertarianism Be Cultural Leftism Minus the State?”

It’s great to be attacked as a neo-nazi entryist and leftist hijacker in the same week.

In the past, I’ve also been criticized for being anti-feminist, pro-feminist, homophobic, pro-homosexual, Marxist, capitalist, an anarchist entryist into white nationalism, a white nationalist entryist into anarchism, supporting Holocaust denial, opposing Holocaust denial, anti-Semitic, philo-Semitic, racist, not racist enough, reformist, pro-terrorist, Islamophobic, pro-Muslim, and too many other labels to remember.

Maybe I just have multiple personalities.

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  1. You write an article calling for Libertarianism to be ‘culturally leftist’. You state that you support policies which in your own words are ‘hard left’, you talk about class conflict and ‘lumpen’ elements.

    Then, when you call yourself a ‘left-libertarian’ you pretend to be surprised when someone suggests that you are a leftist.

    How amusing.

  2. Ingoldby,

    Precisely what is your definition of Leftism and Libertarianism, in a theoretical sense? Do you actually study ideologies other than your own with an eye for overlap and compatability, or do you live in a bubble isolated from them? Because your tone is smart-assed and juvenile, and you seem to identify “leftism” only by it’s most basic, commonly known elements.

  3. Also, neither Keith nor anyone else on this site has ever identified as a “Left Libertarian.” That’s a milieu of it’s own that is distinct from and opposed to ATS. Moreover, if you knew anything about this site other than that particular article you would know the Cultural Left is it’s biggest and most consistent critics.Before you criticize, you should acquaint yourself with the actual ideology presented here, and with the various flavours of leftism, to understand this relationship.

  4. Ingoldby,

    I don’t mind that you label me a “leftist” just as I don’t really mind when my opponents label me a “fascist-racist-nazi.” I think all of that is silly. It’s just that I was amused by your characterization given what is often said about me in other camps.

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