Race, Religion, and Politics

I found this interesting post at a blog called Quisling’s Quest.

This is somewhat simplistically stated, but the core vision is correct. Anarchists should be at the forefront of developing a movement like what this blogger describes. In fact, anarchists should be the natural leadership of such an effort. It’s a shame so many anarchist allow their own sectarian rivalries or other cultural and ideological biases to get in the way of building something that might be a real threat to the System.


I find my interests are in both religion (ie. occult and non-traditional faith), politics,  and race.  I keep coming back to my core belief that tribal City-State communities would be the answer to many of our problems. Different faith communities, different counter cultures, sub cultures, race cultures, could gather together and experiment with the creating of a community, a nation, that works for them.

Our MultiCultural Tyranny is based on one tribe, one perspective being forced down everyone’s throats through media, laws, and education.  And this one perspective contradicts what many Americans believe. I think an alliance could even be created between the different subcultures. Imagine White Skinheads and Black Muslims and Old Order Catholics and Scientologists all bonding together to fight and work for the City-State system. They each would like to create their own homogeneous communities where their perspective would be dominant.  Tribalism is the wave of the future. But we must get beyond this current tyranny first. And that will be revolutionary, either through dramatic change or through violence or through both.  I personally hope the change will be as non violent as possible. Violence is definitely overrated.

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