We Need MORE Volunteers, Damn It!

The last call for volunteers really produced some results, so I’m going to do it again.

The ARV/ATS associates in Boston and Las Vegas and the Queer ATS affiliate have really been knocking it out. Plus, Bay Area National-Anarchists have a new website and National-Anarchist Women has been revitalized. My apologies to anyone who has been particularly active and whom I’ve neglected to mention.

We still need more groups in more locations, of course, and with still more variety of themes. Here is a list of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. We need to establish ATS, N-A or Alternative Anarchist groups in all of these localities. For instance, we certainly need groups in Chicago, L.A. and New York City. Who wants to step up to the plate? Just establish a blog or FB page modeled on the ones already in existence, keep it active and updated, and let people start coming to you. Do so anonymously by using pseudonyms if you need to. Also, the National-Anarchists in the Military, Paleo-Anarchism, and American New Right sites have not been updated in a while. I would encourage the owners of all of these to post fresh material if at all possible or, if not, consider delegating temporary editorial control to someone who has the time or resources to be more active.

We don’t want to confine our activities to big cities only, of course. We need groups in rural areas, smaller towns and secondary cities, or suburban areas on the outskirts of the major metropolises. For those readers out there who are sick of plastic suburban life, how about starting an ATS or N-A group in your community, or in your school or university. For all of the red staters, why not a Montana ATS group or a Nebraska N-A collective? Cascadia? Texas? the Carolinas?

Here are some other possibilities:

National-Anarchist/Austro-Libertarian Alliance

Attack the System Group for Radical Greens, Peak Oilers, Primitivists, Linkolans, and Deep Ecologists

Native American Attack the System Group

Christian National-Anarchists


Attack the System Canada

Islamic National-Anarchists

Attack the System Firearms and Self-Defense Project

Attack the System Student Association

Mormon National-Anarchists

Catholic National-Anarchists

Attack the System Fathers’ Rights Group

Attack the System Men’s Rights Project

National-Anarchist Project to Assist Battered Women and Abused Children

The Szasz Alliance: Exposing the Mental Health Industry

Attack the System Police State Monitoring Project

National-Anarchists Against Imperialist War

National-Anarchist Palestine Solidarity Project

Pagans Against Political Correctness

National-Anarchist Alliance to Expose Atrocities Against White South Africans

Bias in Hate Crimes Reporting Group

Attack the System Anti-AIPAC Outreach Project

National-Anarchists Against the Federal Reserve

Russian-American National-Anarchists

Asian-American National-Anarchists

African-American National-Anarchists

Attack the System General Strike for Superstore and Fast Food Workers Project

Attack the System Prisoner Outreach Project

National-Anarchist Alternative Medicine Group

National-Anarchist Tea Party Outreach Project

Attack the System Secession for (pick your city, state, or region)

National-Anarchist Association of Home-Schoolers

National-Anarchists for Animal Rights

National-Anarchist Squatters

Attack the System Drug War Resistance Project

Attack the System Sex Workers Group

Celtic National-Anarchists

The Evola Study Group

The Nietzsche Study Group

The Classical Anarchist Study Group

Literature of the Weimar Conservative Revolution Study Group

Third Position Health Care (it’s been taken, so keep it active!)

Attack the System Alternative Economics Project

National-Anarchist Project to Document and Expose Political Correctness

Radical Patriots/ Radical Anarchists United Against Big Brother

As you can tell, the possibilities are virtually endless. Just set up a blog or FB page reflecting your preferred themes, or pull a few close comrades together and form a group, and see where it leads.

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  1. OK, you’ve given me more than enough inspiration over the years. I’ll take on a Native American ATS. I’m still trying to decide if such a group would be more potent with a universal Native American/Alaskan Native focus, or a focus specific to my particular tribe. The benefit of the latter is my intimate knowledge of the culture, issues and history of my tribe. Benefit of the former being a much larger recruitment pool.

    Either way, I’m getting started.

  2. I don’t really like Facebook that much. For one thing, there’s too much censorship. Many of my N-A and other un-PC associates have already had their accounts deleted, some of them several times. I don’t use my FB page for anything other than as a substitute for email and an alternative news source. FB sent me a notice once that I was “friending” too many people. I just don’t think it’s that great of a venue.

  3. I agree on FB. The networks built there tend to be of a lower quality if you are trying to do anything beyond socialize with friends.

  4. MRDA: I like your blog; would you be interested in getting involved in a UK-based ATS affiliate site?

  5. Facebook is indeed overly censorious and restrictive. I have to actually fulfill a security check everytime I friend someone….go figure?

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