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The editor of the National-Anarchist Women’s blog has put out the following request. I’m posting it here for ATS readers. Please participate if you feel you have something to offer. This is an essential project in the effort towards making our movement stronger and more successful. Participants may forward their answers to the interview questions to me via the contact page, and I will forward them to her. Here is her request:


I’ve come up with some basic interview questions in regards to feminism, it’s effects on American women, as well as what N-A has to offer women. If you feel the need to add or change questions, then that’s fine with me. If you can find a woman in your tribe (or others) who would like to do this interview that would be great. Contributors are always welcome to use pen names.

If you would be willing to take the time to answer the interview questions and then e-mail it back to me in Microsoft Office Word 2007 format (or something that is compatible with that program), then I would be very, very appreciative. The questions are pasted below.

Thank you.

Interview Questions:

What is your opinion on feminism and how it has impacted American women?

How has it impacted the American populace overall? Do you have an opinion on how it has affected Western Civilization?

What changes would you like to see in regards to feminism’s effect on American society?

What other options are available for American women who do not like their current situation?

In what way can National-Anarchism provide solutions? How do tribes and autonomous communities benefit women?

What roles and functions do you see women playing within the National-Anarchist scene?

What functions do female members fulfill in your organization/tribe?

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