Updated News Digest June 19-20, 2010

American Revolutionary Vanguard: Loved By Few, Hated By Many, Respected By All

“Marcuse Is Dead…And We Have Killed Him.” -Quagmire, ATS Reader

“What we fight is is _State_ socialism, levelling from above, bureaucracy; what we advocate is free association and union, the absence of authority, mind freed from all fetters, independence and well-being of all. Before all others it is we who preach _tolerance_ for all – whether we think their opinions right or wrong – we do not wish to crush them by force or otherwise… If our ideas are wrong, let those who know better teach us better.”

Gustav Landauer, Social Democracy in Germany, Freedom Press 1896

Cut Spending on the Military Industrial Complex by Lawrence Korb and Christopher Preble

Progressives Want “Direct Action” But Disarmed Public by Paul Craig Roberts

Something’s Got to Give in Afghanistan Quagmire by Ken Bode

Fighting the Vietcong in Afghanistan by Richard Cohen

The US Wins the Right to Abduct Innocent People with Impunity by Glenn Greenwald

Chuck Schumer: Mainstream Democrat by Glenn Greenwald

He Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut by Alexander Cockburn

Helen Thomas: An Appreciation by Paul Craig Roberts

The Scourging of Helen Thomas by Ralph Nader

Anarchy Would Most Likely Prevent BP Oil Disaster by Alex Bradshaw

Deconstructing Obama’s BP Speech by Anthony DiMaggio

The Glenn Beck Deception by Richard Spencer

Desegregating the Holy Land by Richard Spencer

“Onto the Ocean or Death!” by Ross Kenyon

Think for Yourself by Kevin Carson

The Most Dangerous Country in the World for Journalists by Patrick Cockburn and Terri Judd

Helen Thomas’ Watergate Scoop by Fred Gardner

Why the French Hate Noam Chomsky by Diana Johnstone

The Re-Education of Helen Thomas by Christopher Ketcham

Three Wars Uncompleted, the Price Paid by Vijay Prashad

Bad Parallels: US and Greece by Dean Baker

Pornography and the Military by Robert Jensen

Against Schools by John Taylor Gatto

War and Foreign Policy by Murray Rothbard

Stateless But Not Lawless by Thomas DiLorenzo

Economic Hitmen Target You by William Norman Grigg

Inglorious Basterds by Paul Gottfried

Amnesty for the Banksters, Debtors Prisons for the Serfs by William Norman Grigg

Will Arizona Dare to Defy the Feds Again? by Derek Sheriff

The White House Ordered a Forgery to Justify Aggressive War by Ron Suskind

Dissent, Rebellion, and All Around Hell Raising by John Whitehead

Life in a Communist Concentration Camp by Xiaoda Xiao

Those Repellent Neoconservatives by Murray Rothbard

The Snitch Syndrome by Justin Raimondo

Is Benjamin Netanyahu Rational? by Philip Giraldi

Are Foreign Lives of Equal Worth to Ours? by Adil E. Shamoo

Too Many Useless Degrees

Teenager Passes Out While Marrying Cow He Had Sex With (yes, you read that right!)

Racist Drag Queen Draws Protests (yes, you read that right!)

Audio Broadcasts

Default, Civil Unrest, World War III Gerald Celente interviewed by Lew Rockwell

Speech to the Council of Conservative Citizens by Dr. Tomislav Sunic

Spontaneous Order

AlternativeRight.Com Is Now Live!

Community Organizing and National-Anarchism presentation by Andrew Yeoman

Tribal Anarchism Video Series Parts One, Two, Three, Four

United Anarchism Vs United Nationism

Fall of the New World Order

The Tyranny of “Tolerance”

“A centralised democracy may be as tyrannical as an absolute monarch; and if the vigour of the nation is to continue unimpaired, each individual, each family, each district, must preserve as far as possible its independence, its self-completeness, its powers and its privilege to manage its own affairs and think its own thoughts.

–James Anthony Froude (1818-1894), author and historian.
Source: Short Studies on Great Subjects

“Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without police protection is both. It is as cowardly to betray an offender to justice, even though his offences be against yourself, as it is not to avenge an injury by violence. It is dastardly and contemptible in a wounded man to betray the name of his assailant, because if he recovers, he must naturally expect to take vengeance himself.”
– From Porello, The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia

A Nation of Sheep, Ruled by Wolves, Owned by Pigs

The Revolution Within Anarchism

Forty Years in the Wilderness?

Liberty and Populism: Building An Effective Resistance Movement for North America

Organizing the Urban Lumpenproletariat

National Anarchy and the American Idea

Don’t Talk to the Police

“The king is most wounded by ridicule.” -Thomas Hobbes

Retrato de Nietzsche

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