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  1. Dio was a long-time favorite of mine as well. I came across the news of his death on a forum operated bt ex-Ratt bassist Juan Croucier, and it was the most depressing shock I’ve had in a long while. I always wondered if the line “Ride the Tiger” from Holy Diver was inspired by Evola. Now to go pour a forty ouncer out on the ground…

  2. Sad news indeed. A lot of people slate his period in Sabbath, but I actually think some of it stands up with Sabbath’s best work.

  3. His period with Sabbath was but a minor footnote in his career, in my opinion. His golden eras were his time with Rainbow, and his solo career.

  4. I had Black Sabbath LiveEvil cassette as a teen, recorded on the MobRules tour… dig the lyrics on Mob rules.

    Break the circle and stop the movement, the wheel is thrown to the ground
    Just remember it might start rolling and take you right back around

    Only anarchism will stop ‘revolutions’.

    Killed by the stinking chemo industry – fuckin quacks, Danzig knows!

  5. Five days of tears… such a shame and a crime that the industry took Dio from us, who just last year was still at the peak of his skills.

    Here Ronnie James Dio talks about how tough the chemo treatment was(not the cancer itself, but the chemo treatment), taking away his appetite and strength.

    Chemo kills 27% of patients:

    Here’s Glen Danzig calling out hte chemo quacks:

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