Former Federal PIG Predicts National-Anarchist Revolution in America Reply

Read all about it.

In decades, not centuries, we will split apart like the Soviet Union into a loose confederation of autonomous states. People will refer to us like they do that area of the Balkans now known as The Former Yugoslavia, or similarly to the way Russia and its old republics are now known, as the old Soviet Union.

If the goal of this nation is reflected in our motto of E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one; then truly this 200-plus year experiment in representative democracy and melding ethnicities has failed, and failed spectacularly.

Here are some similar sentiments from Michael O’Meara of The Occidental Quarterly and from Christian Reconstructionist Gary North. Read this stuff and then go back and watch the old videos of Jerry Rubin from my last post. Isn’t it interesting that the radical right is now saying a lot of the same stuff as the radical left from the 60s?

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