Updated News Digest April 9-11, 2010

“Marcuse Is Dead…And We Have Killed Him.” -Quagmire, ATS Reader

Spontaneous Order-NEW VIDEO!

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Community Organizing and National-Anarchism presentation by Andrew Yeoman

Tribal Anarchism Video Series Parts One, Two, Three, Four

United Anarchism Vs United Nationism

Fall of the New World Order

The Tyranny of “Tolerance”

“Isn’t it ironic that the government can criminally charge citizens with ‘conspiracy’ (an agreement or a partnership, not an action), but when a citizen even mentions that there is ample evidence (provided by the government’s own documents) that the government can and does conspire to commit and does commit various felonies, they are mocked, vilified, and labeled as kooks?

When the government came for militia, I remained silent; I was not militia.
When they locked up the religious conservatives, I remained silent; I was an atheist.
When they came for the bloggers, I remained silent; I was not a blogger.
When they came for the Muslims, I remained silent; I was not Muslim. When the came for me, there was no one left to speak out.”

                                                                                                 –Eli Cryderman

If This Be Sedition, Make the Most of It by Kevin Carson

A Coming Berlin Wall Moment by James Leroy Wilson

R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren by Dave Itzkoff

Iraq War Vet: “We Were Told to Just Shoot People” by Dahr Jamail

“From a civil libertarian point of view, we’re in a much worse place than we were during the Bush administration…” 

Mass Murder As Routine by Justin Raimondo

Iraq Slaughter Not an Aberration by Glenn Greenwald

Terrorism Is Not an “Existential Threat by Gene Healy

Let’s Get Our Own Foreign Policy House in Order Before Criticizing Others by Ivan Eland

Everything the State Says Is a Lie by Jacob Huebert

Anarcho-Distributism by Daniel McCarthy

It’s Time to Part Company by Walter Williams

The New Intolerance by Pat Buchanan

They Were Just Following Orders by Laurence Vance

The Government Is One Giant Cult by Phil Maymin

The Art of Not Being Ruled by Drake Bennett

Killing the Spirit of Learning by Gary North

The Manufactured Menace from Michigan by William Norman Grigg

The Republican Party: A Criminal Organization by Butler Shaffer

The Roots of Totalitarian Humanism? by Murray Rothbard

Congress Is a Criminal Syndicate by Gerald Celente

The Coming Dictatorship by Robert Ringer

The Cover-Ups That Exploded by Alexander Cockburn

The Losing Battle Against National Self-Determination by Mark Weisbrot

Richard Holbrooke: A Bulldozer Stuck in the Mud by Kelley B. Vlahos

Back to Kyrgyzstan by Justin Raimondo

How Brainy Is Obama? by Alan Bock

Nuking the Mullahs by Philip Giraldi

“Two, Three, Many Afghanistans” by Michael T. Klare

Blowback: The Lessons of the Moscow Bombings for America by Doug Bandow

The Ivy League Hates Nullification by Tom Woods

Helping Us to Death by William Norman Grigg

A Really Dangerous Militia by Laurie Roth

Winter of Our Discontent Is Over-Now What? by Maury2K

Tea Party Keeps Missing the Point by Maury2K

The Three Horsemen of the Global Depression by John Robb

Primary Loyalties  by John Robb

Mexico’s Mercado of Violence Heats Up by John Robb

Really Sorry by Andrew Bacevich

Democracy Delusion by Peter Hitchens

Justin Raimondo on the Beltway Libertarian Attack by Lew Rockwell

Immigration and the SPLC by Carol Swain (Part 2 here)

The Church of Morris Dees by Ken Silverstein

Who Killed the Miners? Profits Over Safety? by Jeff Biggers

The Hutaree Militia Raid by Chuck Baldwin

Vermont Secessionist Candidate Arrested at Gubernatorial Debate

I Discriminate Against Ex-Soldiers by Karl Winn

Confessions of an Al-Jazeera Fan by Stuart Bramhall

Obama’s Totalitarian National Biometric ID by Alex Newman

Bootleggers and Baptists in California by Matthew Yglesias

The Case of the Topless Teenager by Julie Hilden

Hot Chicks Who Rock by Kim Nicolini

Portland School Issue Hug Ban by Karen DeCoster

The Pot Calling the Kettle Racist by David Kramer

Prosecutorial Misconduct and the Trial of Tonya Craft by Bill Anderson

Costs Too High to Send 600 Lb. Man to Jail for Stealing Junk Food 

Works Sucks! by Francois Tremblay

Florida Students Protest PIG Shooting of Graduate Student from Infoshop.Org

The Global Economic Crisis: Riots, Rebellion, and Revolution by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Strategic Perspective on Taliban Warfare by Ehsan Mehmood Khan

Subverting Freedom by James Bovard

Fallujah’s Sick Babies by William Blum

Welcome to Obama’s War by Dave Lindorff

Why I Am a Muslim by Charles R. Larson

American Indians Enslaved by the Federal Government by David Kramer

Markets Versus Free Markets by Anna Morgenstern

Our Beautiful Laundrettes by Thomas Knapp

Reformist Political Action as a Diversion, Part Three by Kevin Carson

Collateral Pentagon by Pete Escobar

Imperial Troubles in Afghanistan and Iraq by Jacob Hornberger

Palestinian Aspirations Are Clear, But What Does Israel Want? by Gideon Levy

Human Rights Hypocrisies by Saul Landau

Carl Schmitt’s The Concept of the Political by Michael O’Meara

Canada Grants White South African Refugee Status by Carly Laird

The End of Mexico? by Zenpundit

Mexico Drug Gangs Turn Weapons on Army by Tracy Wilkinson

The Utah War 

“The Italians were called wops, the Jews were called hymies, I was of course a greaseball, and every Hispanic was a spic. Well, we all got along famously! It was rough, but it was fine.”

                                                                                  -Taki Theodoracopulos

“The “clash of civilizations” is, in a very literal sense, a clash of God and Mammon. The Islamic revolutionaries are driven by a fanatical devotion to their god and the promises they believe he has made to them if only they take up arms on his behalf. The nations of the West are driven by an almost as fanatical devotion to Mammon, that is, to wealth, luxury, power, pleasure and privilege. Further, the culture of the West combines this unabashedly materialist ethos with rejection of strength and discipline in favor of a maternalistic emphasis on health, safety, “sensitivity”, “self-esteem”, “potential”, “personal growth”, “getting in touch with one’s inner child”, “feelings” and other concepts common to pop culture psychobabble. Of course, the socio-cultural ramifications of this is to create a society of weaklings, mediocrities and crybabies.”

                                                                                                             -Keith Preston

Sweat Loaf by The Butthole Surfers

I Saw an X-Ray Girl Passing Gas by The Butthole Surfers

Creep In the Cellar by The Butthole Surfers

God Damn the Sun by The Swans

Always Near You/Nowhere to Hide by Gene Simmons

Great White Buffalo  by Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes

Strong Enough to Be Gentle by Black Oak Arkansas

Life is war and conflict, struggle and strife, from conception till death…Never shall the lion lie down peacefully with the lamb…”

Why are those who espouse Univeral Love, Tolerance, and ‘Human Brotherhood,’ usually the most screwed up people you’ve ever met, socially and emotionally? Not to mention some of the nastiest and most self-centered narcissists around?”

                                                                                                          -Chris Donnellan

“What You Believe is Not as Important as What You Do.”

                                                                                                          -Andrew Yeoman

Audio Broadcasts

Occupation Causes Suicide Terrorism Robert Pape interviewed by Scott Horton

Identity Politics in the U.S., Part Two Kevin MacDonald interviewed by Tom Sunic

The Moscow Metro Bombings Matthew Raphael Johnson interviewed by Mark Glenn

A Nation of Sheep, Ruled by Wolves, Owned by Pigs

The Revolution Within Anarchism

Forty Years in the Wilderness?

Liberty and Populism: Building An Effective Resistance Movement for North America

Organizing the Urban Lumpenproletariat

National Anarchy and the American Idea

Don’t Talk to the Police

“The king is most wounded by ridicule.” -Thomas Hobbes

Improved Gadsden Flag - DONT TREAD ON ANYONE

Free Sex With Coupon

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