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Great piece from Richard Spencer. It’s interesting that Richard understands what ninety-seven percent of the self-proclaimed “anarchists” I have met in twenty plus years of studying anarchist movements do not understand, i.e. that the removal of an over-arching state system that imposes a uniform value system will result in the proliferation of subsystems representing a wide plurality of values.

I also suspect that Richard is right that collapse of the U.S. state at present with no alternative plan might well produce a “Mad Max” scenario. The state has wiped out, co-opted or otherwise weakened virtually all contending institutions that might step in to fill the void. Collapse of the state might well produce a New Orleans 2005 or Los Angeles 1992 kind of scenario. This prospect makes the building of alternative infrastructure all the more important.

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  1. I think a collapse of the whole US government that many anarchists envision is unrealistic. The only way (as I see it) to implement any ideology is for like-minded people to group to one location and claim independence from the state (through civil disobedience). The Free State Project (a market based voluntaryist group) in New Hampshire has adopted this strategy, and it seems to be working very well so far.

    The collapse of the Government (on a large scale, or even small scale) will definitely lead to a New Orleans scenario, with the end result being a new takeover by a state-like institution.

  2. That’s more or less the strategy of this blog. Different ideological movements should simply establish their own colonies and alternative institutions, with the goal of eventual secession and dissolving the state into a system where every contending political interest group gets its own territory. The Free State Project is one of the models for this as is SVR, LOS, Cascadia, Christian Exodus, Texas Republic, etc.

  3. I strongly agree with his assertion that a post-state social order will not, as the left envisions, result in the automatic universalization of “progressive” cultural values.

  4. Another important point Richard makes is that if all the left cares about is a free trade in abortions and gay sex, and opposing ethnic and religious out-group prejudice as the ultimate evil, then what exactly sets them apart from the present system?

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