Anarchism of the Right

My latest post at AlternativeRight. Also, check out the feature on Andrew Yeoman and BANA.

It’s an interesting coincidence that these two posts ended up appearing at the same time. I put up my post, and then a few minutes later the BANA piece showed up. The two features complement each other fairly well, as mine is a more abstract, theoretical piece, while the interview with Andrew brings it all down to earth and discusses its practical implications for day to day life, and in a somewhat personalized way.

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  1. I was rather astounded by Paul Gottfried’s “almost doest thou persuadest me…” response. Maybe Gottfried can become the Chomsky of the Alternative Anarchists.

  2. That wouldn’t surprise me. Of course, Gottfired is about as marginalized in the mainstream press as Chomsky is, if not more so.

  3. “Gottfired is about as marginalized in the mainstream press as Chomsky is, if not more so.”

    Chomsky’s status as an innovative thinker in linguistics, and his quasi-cult following among sectors of the far Left probably guarantee him more exposure than what Gottfried would get. The U.S. television networks won’t touch him, but volumes of his work can be found in mainstream commercial bookstores like B&N or Borders.

  4. I am aware of that, but I’ve found at Gottfired’s work in the same bookstores as well. I have an interview with Troy Southgate coming up, by the way.

  5. Another issue is that Chomsky’s general cultural outlook is that of a fairly conventional left-liberalism, which is similar to what you find in most of the mainstream media, excluding neocon controlled outlets like FOX (partially). What makes Chomsky taboo is his “anti-American” and “anti-Israel” perspective, which is why the Neocons and mainstream liberalism regard him as an enemy. But on everthing else Chomsky is a run of the mill liberal: pro-gun control, pro-affirmative action, pro-abortion, pro-feminism, pro-global warming hysteria, pro-humanitarian interventionism, pro-welfare state, pro-public schools, probably pro-gay marriage, endorses voting for the Democrats, and so forth. What is there for a liberal not to love?

    Gottfried on the other hand endorses Ron Paul enthusiastically, endorses the Constitution Party, deplores political correctness, bashes feminism, opposes immigration, detests affirmative action, supports maintaining Confederate monuments in the Southern states, is pro-life and anti-gay marriage, admires Carl Schmitt and the Weimar era non-Nazi German Right, is a personal friend of leading ENR figures like DeBenoist and Sunic, as well as U.S. paleocons like Buchanan, Sobran, Fleming and the late Sam Francis. These are the things that give liberals a heart attack.

  6. Yeah, I’ve seen Rothbard, Hoppe, and some of the paleocons in those stores as well. Even David Duke, for that matter.

    “I have an interview with Troy Southgate coming up, by the way.”

    I’ll be looking forward to that!!

  7. I’ve searched long and hard for DeBenoist, Sunic, and Faye at those stores, only to come up empty. Also good luck finding Schmitt, Junger, Evola, Spangler, etc. at places like that.

  8. For a long time, there was a taboo against even translating some of that into English, given its association with “fascism.”

    George Schwab, for instance, was initially denied his Phd at Columbia because his dissertation attempted to present a nuanced view of Schmitt. The reason was that Otto Kirchheimer (of the Frankfurt School) was on Schwab’s dissertation committee.

  9. David Duke interviewing Troy Southgate?

    Now that should be interesting. Troy will eat David Duke for breakfast. Duke’s political and social stance could not be any more different to Troy’s undogmatic approach to today’s challenges.

  10. I think you misread that post, Welf. Quagmire is going to be interviewing Troy for (I assume) the American New Right blog/site. The reference to David Duke was my mentioning having seen some of Duke’s material in mainstream bookstores in the U.S. like Barnes and Noble or Borders. I do agree that Troy would eat Duke alive in an actual debate, however.

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