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Do I Believe Jews Control the World?

Found this amusing post on the Revolution International blog:

Very strange website. I note you link to Keith Preston (thinks Jews control the world), Peter Topfer (attended Teran holocaust denial conference), the National Bolshevik Party (neo-Nazi and old KGB), Black nationalists who are anti-Semitic (and anti-White), and Folk & Faith (who openly support Mussolini and, at least on their forums, refer to themselves as fascists). Needless to say, you lot aren’t anarchists. Not even close. They are 2 different words – “Anarchist” and “Fascist.” Real anarchists have this history of beating-up and killing fascists, and fascists have a history of jailing and shooting anarchists. Savvy?

These comments come from an Irish left-anarchist by the name of Daniel Owen (

So do Jews really control the world? No, reality is more complicated than that. Modern democratic states are essentially an alliance of the political apparatus of government and the capitalist economic ruling class that displaced the traditional feudal aristocracy in the West. As mass democracy has grown, suffrage has become universal and the mass media has emerged as a major public institution, politics has become a kind of oligopoly of political interest groups seeking to control the forces of state and capital. The composition of the ruling class at any one time represents shifting coalitions of such interest groups, including those of an economic, ideological, cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, generational or some other nature. None of this can be explained in crudely reductionist terms. For instance, the Marxist view of the state as the “executive committee of the ruling class” frequently ignores the role of non-economic forces as well as intra-state and intra-capitalist class rivalries in determining political outcomes. It ignores the question of “bureaucratic thrust” whereby bureaucratic entities take on a life of their own where self-preservation begins to overshadow instrumental purposes.

Likewise, the National Socialist view that sees everything in terms of struggles between races often ignores the role of the economic, of power politics itself, of individual self-interest, of non-racial and non-economic forces like religion, and much else. Modern cultural leftists who see everything as a dualistic struggle between a long list of the offically oppressed and “straight, white, Christian male” hegemony fall into a similar error, but from the other end of the political spectrum.

So where do “the Jews” fit into all of this? Jewish opinion on virtually every question of significance is as diverse as the opinions of the public at large. What is the “white” opinion on foreign policy, economics, political ideology, race relations, theology, abortion, gay rights, immigration, family values, or gun control? Well, obviously there is no “white” opinion, only a multitude of different opinions. The same is true of Jewish opinion. However, do many Jews exhibit an extraordinarily high level of ethno-centrism or patriotic zealotry towards the state of Israel? No doubt about it. Are the political views of Jews in the US likely to on average lean considerably leftward from those of the mainstream society? Yes, Rabbi Harold Kushner once remarked that American Jews have the incomes of Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans. Do Jewish individuals have collective ethnic, cultural and religious interests that Gentiles do not? Of course.

Do American Jews use their political and economic power to influence American foreign policy? Yes, and any political scientist worthy of his credentials will admit that the US Israel Lobby is among the most powerful if not the most powerful in the US Congress. Do Jewish activists and intellectuals often exhibit particular zeal for what they perceive to be the interests of Israel, irrespective of the interests of other groups, such as Americans as a whole or Palestinians? Certainly. Are Jewish individuals with zealously pro-Israel views prominent in the worlds of business, entertainment, mass media, academia and government? Of course. Do all Jews agree on these questions? No, of course not. Do some zealously disagree? Sure. Do all Catholics follow the Church’s teachings on birth control? No, but Catholics do have political interests apart from those of other groups. Do all whites have the same views on race relations? No, but whites still on average look at race relations differently from blacks.

Why is it such a taboo to point out that the Israel Lobby is among the most powerful of political interest groups in the US and that this situation maintains the active or passive support of many individual American Jews? Let’s assume that the political and foreign policies pursued by this circle are perfectly reasonable and honest, and that these are never in conflict with legitimate interests of others, such as non-Jewish Americans or Palestinians, may have. Why is it wrong to simply mention it? Certainly the facts are well documented.

There are several reasons for this taboo. An obvious one is the fact that Neo-Nazis zealously point to these issues as supposed vindication of their own worldview. Another is the casual resemblance between genuine recognition of the political power of organized Zionist interests and older, archaic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Still another is the hysterical view that any recognition of the political power of Jews leads to pogroms and genocide. Another is the dominant left-liberal/neoconservative intellectual paradigm that regards any criticism of ethnic or racial groups other than whites as the ultimate moral offense.

The efforts of leftwing pro-Palestinian and antiwar activists, whose work is often quite commendable, to step around this issue are often quite comical. I’ve had numerous leftists, some with strongly anti-Israel views, tell me with a straight face that the US-Israel relationship has absolutely nothing to do with the power of organized Zionism in the US or the influence of powerful Zionist individuals. No, they will insist, the existence of groups like AIPAC has nothing to do with it and is only incidental or entirely irrelevant to US foreign policy. It’s all about the evil capitalist ruling class seeking world hegemony and trying to control Middle Eastern oil. Adherents of this perspective do indeed raise many legitimate issues. It’s even okay with them to point out the role of non-Jewish pro-Zionists like the Christian Right (those nasty reactionary folks who believe in intelligent design and don’t believe in abortion, and who regard anal sex as something less than sacramental). But, no, Jews qua Jews never figure into the equation. I once had a pro-Palestinian activist tell me that what he admitted to be the pro-Israel bias of the US media had absolutely nothing to do with the ethnic composition of the ownership of substantial portions of the US media. No, he said, the media simply takes its marching orders from the government (and, of course, no Jews ever exercise influence over the government). This fellow was hardly an adherent of Marxist economic reductionism that regards ethnicity and culture as frivolities. Far from it. He was an enthusiast for “whiteness” theory of the type popularized among misguided leftoids by the “Race Traitor” crowd.

The US empire would still have all of its standard imperial interests in the Middle East without the influence of Zionism on the US government. But there would be no need for the US to take such a resolutely anti-Palestinian stance in collusion with the Zionists and in defiance of the opinion of the rest of the world. And three million people would not be held prisoner in their own homeland. Were Zionist forces the only force behind the present Iraq war or a potential future war with Iran? No, but these have certainly been among the most vocal proponents of these actions, and have played an important role in their implementation. Why should this be ignored for the sake of PC ideology?

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  1. Ok, Mr. Preston, but there is a tad of a difference between recognizing Zionism as a powerful and negative force and going on about “the Jews.” Note that many of the best anti-Zionist scholars and activists are Jewish. Many Jewish fundamentalists see Zionism as heretical. But your emphasis on Zionism seems to go beyond mere support for the Palestinians. Oil companies, neocon geopolitical think-tanks, old-guard Colonel Blimp types, Christian fundamentalists, ex-Trotskyists, etc. also have their say in the running of the American state. The fact that you’re mates with Troy Southgate says it all. He’s ex-NF, supports “left Nazis” such as the Strasser brothers, and has a major hardon for Nazi mystics like Julius Evola (who worked for the SS). Your mate Bill White isn’t exactly friendly towards non-Zionist jews — unless his astute reading of “Mein Kampf” told him otherwise. Apparently you were a member of the Love & Rage Federation? Everything I’ve heard about it sounds terrible. White guilt, sub-Trotskyism, etc. But you seemed to have had some kind of knee-jerk reaction against so-called “left-anarchism” and become the mirror image of Chuck Munson. (Seriously, you’re both “Big Tent” strategists — he’s more open to eco-terrorists, paedos, and drop-out parasites, and you’re more open to neo-nazis, post-fascist “Third Positionists”, etc.)Your stuff on “cultural Marxism” isn’t bad, but you’ve picked some mighty dodgy friends. I’m also critical of multiculturalism, but from a different angle. Check out these articles: I’m not Irish. I’m English. I have celtic ancestry.

  2. The fact that you’re mates with Troy Southgate says it all.Consider, for a moment, that maybe it doesn’t.

  3. Meh, Daniel Owen is the pig who refuses my comments on his misnamed “Celtic Anarchy” blog on National Anarchism.

    “p.s. I’m not Irish. I’m English. I have celtic ancestry.”

    LMAO, there is no such thing as Celtic ancestry, Celtic is a language group not an ethnicity. If you were Irish you might have some claim to being Celtic, as an Englishman you do not. The English hail from the Anglo-Saxons and Normans, not the so-called Celts.

    “Nazi mystics like Julius Evola (who worked for the SS)” LMAO again, boy you’re really thick.

    Your understanding of 1) Who you are, 2) What you believe in, and 3) Who you are supposedly opposed to, is the laughing stock of online activism. With opponents like you it’s really no wonder the radical left is a cesspool.

    For revolution,

  4. RE:

    “and Folk & Faith (who openly support Mussolini and, at least on their forums, refer to themselves as fascists). ”

    Ughhh….. errr… ??? Support Mussolini? Where on earth did you get this quote or thought (citation please).

    As well, I thought Mussolini was dead, silly me. As for looking to him for an example of a great leader or exemplar of the struggle? Not hardly. Not even on a good day. His beginnings are interesting, that is is leftism and then combining this with nationalism etc, but that is about it.

    We aren’t so much enthralled with the past as we are concerned with the future.. And you can quote me on that if ya like 🙂

    What the others do in their respective parts of the world or country or their group or their blogs etc is their own affairs. If you notice, they don’t much have a whole lot to do with us nor we them. We all are about doing our own things as we see best fit, so – though we support each other I would imagine they might even say if feet were pressed to the fire, it isn’t really any different then saying we support Palestinians or The Irish’s or even the Rev. Wrights church and their right to be free. Same concept. They go their way, do their things etc etc, we do ours, what exists as a “we” that is.

  5. and no — we DO NOT refer to ourselves on the forum as Fascists. Christians, National Anarchists (or Christian National An-Archists), third way supporters, believers in the Kingdom of God vs the Rules of Man sure… all the above. But fascists? Ya got the wrong site me thinks!

  6. Good article. I think the problem with most leftists is their dogmatism – fascists, nationalists, etc are bad because the THEORY says so. They often blame their opposition for viewing matters in black and white, good and bad, but this applies to leftists as well. They’ve become enstranged from the working class reality that they claim to represent, and desperately cling to words on paper.

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