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By Haz Al-Din

In some ways, Argentinian politics is similar to the United States and Western Europe in that it it’s often divided by ‘woke/antiwoke’ jibber.

This is a sign that all of your country’s ‘politics’ are meaningless and retarded. In fact, it doesn’t matter who gets elected in Argentina because the country has no sovereignty in the first place.

They could elect a piece of toast. It wouldn’t matter.

Milei talks a lot. He says he will do many things – and it doesn’t matter.

He will do exactly what he has the permission to do by the international cartel of banksters and the American hegemony. Whatever he does – just count on the fact that there was nothing new about it.

Politics isn’t about ideas, it’s about power. He simply doesn’t have the power to do anything.

Look at him wave the Israeli flag. That’s his ‘power.’ He has the same ‘power’ Poland does.

If he did a single thing that threatened the existing hegemony, it would immediately put him, structurally speaking, in the same boat as Maduro and Morales. Regardless of his ideology!

He would have to create forms of counter-hegemonic sovereignty and orient towards BRICS. He would have to do the same shit the ‘socialists’ in Latin America do.

Because ideology never came first. American imperialist hegemony and the struggle for sovereignty came first!

Ideology came after, as a way to articulate the liberation of South America’s people from the yoke of imperialism.

So don’t be impressed by Milei’s ‘ideology’ and how ‘radical’ it seems. Pay attention to the details: He is a whore of imperialism and Zionism.

Who cares what comes out of his mouth? His masters are in Washington, London and Tel Aviv. He will bark like a bitch for cameras and be a good dog for his owners.

‘Woke/antiwoke’ political polarization is a sign that nobody has the balls to challenge the actual powers that be. It’s a disgusting perversion of the male and female wing of the same parasite class.

To ‘antiwoke:’ Compared to Hamas, YOU are the blue haired bitch. Know your place in this world. Maduro’s motorcycle gangs or the Taliban would be glad to show you who the true snowflake is.

We see how fake it all is. Want updates on Milei? Watch videos of Hamas destroying his true masters, the IOF.

That’s where Argentinian politics have stakes, not at the voting booth.

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