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11/16/23: Israel Underwhelms With Hospital Raid, Israel Ethnic Cleansing Debate, Biden And Xi Meet, Israel Support Plummets In US, DNC Ceasefire Protest Erupts, CNN Broadcasts IDF Lies, Nikki Claims Vivek Attacks Are Sexist, Candace Responds To Shapiro Attack, And Krystal Clashes With Dean Phillips On Israel

Krystal and Saagar discuss Israels underwhelming evidence after raiding Al-Shifa hospital, Krystal and Saagar debate if Israel is doing an ethnic cleansing, Biden and Xi meet, Israel support plummets, DNC protest erupts over ceasefire, CNN broadcasts IDF lies, Nikki Haley says Vivek attacks are sexist, Candace responds to Ben Shapiros attacks, and Krystal clashes with presidential candidate Dean Phillips on Israel.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (3:03)Israel UNDERWHELMS In Hours After Hospital Raid (19:30)Krystal And Saagar DEBATE: Is Israel ETHNIC CLEANSING Gaza? (36:35)Biden-Xi CLASH Over Superpower Status (44:22)POLL: Israel Support PLUMMETS As War Drags On (55:55)FACT FROM FICTION: RAUCOUS DNC Ceasefire Protest (1:01:03)CNN Broadcasts STRAIGHT IDF LIES (1:10:48)Nikki Haley: Vivek SEXIST For Attacking Her Record (1:20:07)Candace & Tucker RESPONDS To Ben Shapiro (1:30:17)Krystal CLASHES With Dean Phillips On Gaza Ceasefire (2:01:46)End Of Show

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