STATEMENT FROM 12 OF 61 RICO CO-DEFENDANTS: Anarchism Must Not Be Criminalized

From Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

This statement was written before the Al-aqsa Flood, during which Palestinian fighters broke through the fence around the open-air prison known as the Gaza strip in 29 locations. We condemn Israel in the strongest terms, & support the liberation of the Palestinian people. We know that the same weapons and tactics that have been and continue to be used to colonize Palestine have been and continue to be used to colonize Turtle Island, as we can see in the GILEE Program (Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange) where the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers share “best practices” with police in Georgia. The proposed  Cop City [in Atlanta] will be the military base from which the occupation of Atlanta is furthered, and we oppose their progression of the genocidal project  known as the United States.

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