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Russia Backs Away From Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

by Peter Zeihan on November 6, 2023

If you were hoping to start your week off with some cheery news – it might be best to skip this video. Russia has stepped away from the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, so we have plenty to discuss today.

My initial concerns aren’t about a return to nuclear testing but rather a much darker scenario – that control of Russia’s nuclear arsenal may be compromised. We’ve already seen failures and cracks throughout the Russian military, but have those vulnerabilities made it to the nuclear program?

If Putin hits the shiny red button and nukes take off, we know how that ends..but what happens if Putin hits that button and nothing happens? I’d prefer to keep that can of worms shut, but we’re nearing a reality where that might not be possible.

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Russia Backs Away From Nuclear Test Ban Treaty || Peter Zeihan

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