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The Destruction of Gaza’s Internet Is Complete

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The Destruction of Gaza’s Internet Is Complete

Matt Burgess

As Israel increases its ground operation in Gaza, the last remaining internet and mobile connections have gone dark.


How Telegram Became a Terrifying Weapon in the Israel-Hamas War

Darren Loucaides

Hamas posted gruesome images and videos that were designed to go viral. Sources argue that Telegram’s lax moderation ensured they were seen around the world.


13 Great Deals on Cameras, Smartwatches, Speakers, and TVs

Matt Jancer

Grab a slice of Black Friday in October with these sales on our favorite Sonos hardware, Samsung TVs, and mirrorless cameras.


This Cryptomining Tool Is Stealing Secrets

Lily Hay Newman

Plus: Details emerge of a US government social media-scanning tool that flags “derogatory” speech, and researchers find vulnerabilities in the global mobile communications network.


The Mystery of Cosmic Radio Bursts Gets Bright New Clues

Ramin Skibba

New research from two teams shows that these fleeting blips can be faster and brighter, and come from much further away, than previously thought.


Alan Turing and the Power of Negative Thinking

Ben Brubaker

Mathematical proofs based on a technique called diagonalization can be relentlessly contrarian, but they help reveal the limits of algorithms.





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