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All We Want in Gaza Is to Live

October 27, 2023
“As a Palestinian journalist born, raised, and still living in Gaza, I have witnessed a harrowing, never-ending reality composed of two pillars: blockade and occupation,” Mohammed Mhawish writes. “This is the fifth war in my lifetime; I assume it will not be the last.”

Meanwhile, Ahmed Abu Artema, poet and journalist who wrote for The Nation from Gaza last week, has been injured, and his family has been killed. Our hearts go out to him and we admire the bravery of his reporting.

In the midst of ideological disagreements, finger-pointing, and hand-waving stateside, the most important thing we can do as engaged readers is step back, recognize our position in the world, and pay attention to what’s happening on the frontlines.

All We Want in Gaza Is to Live
We don’t want condolences or speeches. We want to be treated like human beings, and we want less trauma in our lives.
Mohammed R. Mhawish
A Weekend at Abortion Camp Offers a Glimpse Into the Future of Abortion Access
In the year after Dobbs, the movement has been operating in triage mode, and Abortion Camp was conceived as a conclave where activists could come together to have honest conversations about their work and what they needed from each other.
Rebecca Grant
Yes, Prager U Wants to Indoctrinate Your Kids. But That’s Not Really the Point.
The aim isn’t just to change what gets taught but to transform how we understand ourselves, the public realm, and the common good.
Jack Schneider, Jennifer C. Berkshire
These Israeli Survivors Don’t Want Revenge
Despite the loud calls for vengeance within Israel, many survivors of Hamas’s October 7 massacres, as well as relatives of those killed or kidnapped, are speaking out against the war on Gaza.
Orly Noy
Those Who Say “a Cease-Fire Won’t Work” Are Wrong. Here’s Why.
There are four arguments people often make to support Israel’s bombing campaign, and all of them are hollow.
Adam Johnson
Adam Shatz on Israelis, Palestinians, and Hamas
On this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, The Nation’s former literary editor comments on the Israeli war underway in Gaza.
What Makes Deion Sanders Deion Sanders
On this episode of the Edge of Sports podcast, two writers join the show to discuss their respective books.
Dave Zirin
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