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How to Play Your Favorite Google Play Mobile Games on PC

How to Play Your Favorite Google Play Mobile Games on PC

Simon Hill

Sure, Kingdom Rush is fun on your phone. But why not bring it to the big screen?


Here’s All the Gear You Need to Start Birding

Scott Gilbertson and Medea Giordano

Whether you want to call yourself a birder, bird-watcher, or twitcher, here’s everything you need to get started with this peaceful pastime.


Amazon Let Its Drivers’ Urine Be Sold as an Energy Drink

Amit Katwala

Amazon sold bottles of urine marketed as an energy drink, a new documentary alleges. The company is said to make it alarmingly easy to sell dangerous items to children.


Glacial Lakes Threaten Millions in a Warming World

Arbab Ali and Nadeem Sarwar

A Himalayan lake fed by melting ice just released a devastating flood in northern India. Thousands of other unstable lakes are getting bigger every year.


They Cracked the Code to a Locked USB Drive Worth $235 Million in Bitcoin. Then It Got Weird

Andy Greenberg

Stefan Thomas lost the password to an encrypted USB drive holding 7,002 bitcoins. One team of hackers believes they can unlock it—if they can get Thomas to let them.


‘Assassin’s Creed Mirage’ Is Flashy and Fun but Does Its Setting a Disservice

Saniya Ahmed

Ubisoft’s new entry in the Assassin’s Creed series may be rooted in history, but it spends so much time on fiction that the real ancient world is barely a backdrop.




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