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10/25/23: US Blames Iran For Attacks On Troops, Biden Admin Promises More Civilian Casualties In Gaza, Trump Takes Down GOP Speaker Nominee, Jenna Ellis Cries In GA Court, Bernie Staffers Demand Ceasefire, Cancel Culture Comes For Left On Palestine, 3 Star General Calls For Psychedelic Legalization

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Ryan and Emily discuss the US blaming Iran for recent attacks on US troops in the Middle East, Biden Admin says more civilian casualties are coming in Gaza, Trump takes down GOP speaker nominee Emmer in only four hours, Jenna Ellis cries during apology in Georgia court, cancel culture comes for the left on Palestine, and 3 star General Steele fights for psychedelic legalization in the USA.



(2:34)US BLAMES IRAN For Attacks On Troops In Iraq, Syria
(12:35)Biden Admin PROMISES More Gaza Civilian Casualties ‘It Is Bloody’
(30:36)Trump OBLITERATES GOP Speaker Candidate In Only 4 Hours
(42:24)Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis CRIES In GA Court Apology
(54:24)300+ Bernie Staffers DEMAND Call For Ceasefire
(1:04:33)DEBATE: Cancel Culture Comes For Left On Palestine
(1:19:05)3 Star General FIGHTS For Psychedelic Legalization
(1:46:52)End Of Show

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