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US Headed to War with Iran? McGregor on Risks, Regional Conflict & Israel

10/23/23 Full Episode 33 | Looks like we’re actually going to war with Iran. Are we ready for this? Tucker Carlson, Tucker on X (Twitter) Get Tucker Carlson Merch on Amazon:

Chapters: 00:00 Intro 02:00 Col. Douglas Macgregor 04:20 Threats to the homeland 06:12 Iran & its missiles 13:00 Going into Gaza 19:40 American hostages 22:45 Impact on the American economy This video discusses the rising tensions between Israel and Iran, and the potential for greater regional conflict involving the US.

Key issues covered: – Senator Lindsey Graham and others in Washington pushing for strikes on Iran – Risks of wider war drawing in Iran, Russia and other regional players – Challenges for US military in conducting strikes and ground operations – Concerns about terrorism and border security if conflict escalates – Moral issues around collective punishment of populations like Gaza – Need for US leaders to think in America’s long term interests

Former Colonel Douglas Macgregor provides an in-depth analysis of the strategic risks and potential consequences of war with Iran. This thought-provoking discussion provides insights on the complex geopolitics at play.

Keywords: Israel, Iran, war, Middle East, conflict, military, strategy, geopolitics, McGregor Hashtags: #Iran #Israel #MiddleEast #War #Military #Geopolitics #Strategy Get Tucker Carlson Merch on Amazon: Tucker Carlson, Tucker on X (Twitter)

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